Estimated International Student Expenses

You will find the following Estimated Student Expenses have been pre-populated as the funding requirements in the iCats Services eForm when requesting either an I-20 or a DS2019. These requirements are based on your term of entry. 


Official Posting of Tuition and Fees

The current tuition and fees are posted on the following Office of Bursar web page.

Verify with your academic program or graduate chair if you are unsure if your program has regional or differential tuition.


Academic Year Expenses 2023-2024
3 Semesters
(Only use for summer start and other cases where summer enrollment is mandatory in the coming year) 
2 Semesters
(For standard fall and spring admits) 
Tuition and Fees*$26,433$17,622
Estimated Living Expenses**$17,912$13,434
Health Insurance***$3,098$2,259
Total $47,443$33,315

*Tuition and Fees include the following: Instructional fee, non-resident fee, general fee, student information fee, legal fee, well-being fee.

**Living Expenses include the following: Room and Board, Books and Supplies, and Personal Expenses. Ohio University uses the "Living Wage Calculator."

***Health Insurance additional information

The expenses above are estimates only and are subject to change. 

Additional Expenses (not included in the table)

  • Technology fee: Charged by your academic college
  • International Student and Scholar Services fee: $150
  • Winter clothing: $1,000 - $1,500. 
  • Minor medical supplies: $150. 
  • Winter break vacation allowance (4 weeks between December and January): $1,000 
  • Car expenses
  • Initial arrival costs: At least $2,000 for housing deposits, utility fees, and phone. 
  • Transportation

Dependent Expenses 

F-2 dependents are defined as a spouse or an unmarried minor child (under 21 years of age) of an F-1 student. F-2 dependents remain in status only as long as the F-1 from whom the status is derived remains in valid F-1 status (and only until attaining age 21 if a dependent child). 

If you have dependents accompanying you while you study at Ohio University, you are required to provide proof of funds for their living expenses and health insurance in addition to your estimated expenses.

Estimated Dependent Expenses 

If you are planning to bring any dependents with you to Ohio University, additional funds must be shown to issue a dependent I-20/DS-2019. The expenses listed below are estimates and are subject to change without notice. 

Estimated Dependent Expenses 
  Type of ExpenseSummer start Fall/Spring start  
Spouse Living Expenses   $3,000 $3,000       
Children Living Expenses  $1,500   $1,500     
Spouse Insurance $2,856   $2,112 
One Child Insurance * $2,856 $2,112 
Two or More Children Insurance $5,712 $4,224 

*(If no spouse, the first child living expenses would be $3,000)