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International Student Union

International Student Union Executives

Tigistu T. Beyene - President 

ISU President

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Program and year of study: Fourth year PhD student in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts

Why ISU: Working on campus at the International Student Union ( ISU) is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about university work cultures, and create spaces for students to connect with Ohio University and Athens communities through different events and activities. Working with officers from diverse cultures will also help me to develop intercultural communication.

Fun Fact: Silence and noise are music. 


Harshita Singhania - Marketing Director

ISU Marketing Director

Country of Origin: India

Program and year of study: Sophomore studying journalism in the Honors Tutorial College

Why ISU: I wanted to increase representation of the international undergraduate student body in ISU.

Fun Fact: I am a Scripps College of Communication ambassador.


Olivia Raney - Marketing and PR Director

ISU Graphic Designer/Photographer

Country of Origin: China

Program and year of study: First year MFA in Communication and Media Arts

Why ISU: My passion is creating and participating in the authentic expression of our international community members. International Student Union creates many of those opportunities and was my family away from home during my undergraduate studies at OU. I'm excited to again work with and for our community.

Fun Fact: I attended the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


George Adu Gyamfi - Graphic Designer/Photographer

Graphic Designer/Photographer

Country of Origin: Ghana

Program and year of study: Pursuing a masters degree in Fine Arts

Why ISU: I wanted to increase my understanding about other internationals so that I will be able to learn and relate well with people from different cultures.

Fun Fact: I love painting and listening to music.