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International Student Union

International Student Union Executives

Deependra Budhathoki - President

President ISU

Country of Origin: Nepal

Program and year of study: PhD student in Mathematics

Why ISU: I chose to serve in ISU for two reasons: (a) to develop my leadership abilities and (b) to build the network. Being an international student, I consider ISU is the best platform to enhance my leadership capabilities by coordinating and work for all international students at Ohio University from around the world. The opportunity to serve international students and to work for their beneficiaries will enhance my ability to work with people from diverse communities in the future. Plus, I consider this as an opportunity to build networks with individuals with several backgrounds. Such a network will be helpful for my personal and professional roles in the future. In addition, working in ISU is my opportunity to pay back to other international students.

Fun Fact: I do not find myself funny, but others do.

Keamogetse Khudu - Vice President 

Vice President ISU

Country of Origin: Botswana

Program and year of study: Second year PhD student in Counselor Education and Supervision

Why ISU: International Student Union has provided a home for different international students’ organizations and has created a space where international students feel represented and welcomed in Ohio University. I wanted to be part of a team that puts international students and their needs first, a team that celebrates our different cultures and fills the gap of missing home.  

Fun Fact: I dance to anything, and it does not matter where am at. And yes!! I am a great dancer, I think.

Eirene Binabiba  - Marketing and Public Relations Director

Marketing and Public Relations Director

Country of Origin: Ghana 

Why ISU: Growing up, I always wanted to help and impact lives. I believed joining the students Union gives me the platform to do just that. ISU provides a strong collective voice that represents international students and attends to issues that affect international students, which makes life generally better. I am committed to driving change and impacting the lives of international students through ISU.

Fun Fact: Although I find myself to be quite boring, these things bring me to life! I love to travel, love to try new recipes (only when I have the energy), I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. I think music communicates directly to the soul and has the ability to soothe one in every type of mood. I love instruments especially the bass guitar and keyboard. 

And lastly, I enjoy a good laugh. 

Sijan Regmi - Treasurer

Sijan Regmi

Country of Origin: Nepal

Program and year of study: Third year PhD student at Department of Physics and Astronomy

Why ISU: I decided to be a part of ISU: (a) to understand how diverse organization like ISU functions (b) to get connected with peoples from different parts of world and understand their culture and ideas (c) to improve myself to communicate with people with different backgrounds by involving in several social activities.

Fun Fact: I do not miss to travel if I am free.

Thomas Opiyo Okumu - Secretary

Thomas Opiyo Okumu

Country of Origin: Kenya

Program and year of study: Masters student, International Development Studies

Why ISU: Because of my prospects and job desires, I chose International Student Union as a platform to interact with people from different backgrounds, continents, culture, and beliefs which would prepare me for my career in International Development world.

Fun Fact: I am an easy-going person, very thankful to God for life and opportunities. I must say that I am an introvert.

Orhan Kocatas - Graphic Designer

Orhan Kocatas

Country of Origin: Turkey

Program and year of study: Third-year Ph.D. student in Instructional Technology 

Why ISU: As an international student, I wanted to take part in helping international students, share my experiences, and learn from my fellow international bobcats. I am excited to be involved in celebrating diverse cultures, promoting our core values.  

Fun Fact: I used to be a farmer and a rancher for a long time. Also, I love to play baglama.