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International Student Union

International Student Union Executives

Keamogetse Khudu - President 

Vice President ISU

Country of Origin: Botswana

Program and year of study: Third year PhD student in Counselor Education and Supervision

Why ISU: International Student Union has provided a home for different international students’ organizations and has created a space where international students feel represented and welcomed in Ohio University. I wanted to be part of a team that puts international students and their needs first, a team that celebrates our different cultures and fills the gap of missing home.  

Fun Fact: I dance to anything, and it does not matter where am at. And yes!! I am a great dancer, I think.


Sijan Regmi - Treasurer

Sijan Regmi

Country of Origin: Nepal

Program and year of study: Third year PhD student at Department of Physics and Astronomy

Why ISU: I decided to be a part of ISU: (a) to understand how diverse organization like ISU functions (b) to get connected with peoples from different parts of world and understand their culture and ideas (c) to improve myself to communicate with people with different backgrounds by involving in several social activities.

Fun Fact: I do not miss to travel if I am free.