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International Students

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International students are welcome on global programs with the Office of Global Opportunities.

Please read the following information on steps to ensure that you have all the paperwork in order before you leave.

Contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in order to speak with an advisor before you commit to any program.

Consider the following before accepting your nomination to a global program:

  • If you plan to return to the US after your program, you must contact International Student and Scholars Services to verify that you will be eligible to re-enter the country.
  • All international students holding a non-immigrant visa must visit International Student and Scholars Services to receive necessary signatures 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.
  • You may need a visa or other travel document for travel to the country of your program. If you will travel through another country to reach this destination, you may also need a transit visa for this stop-over.
  • It is your responsibility to determine whether or not you need a visa. You can find more information about visa requirements on the website of the US-based embassy of the country you are traveling to.

Did you know that the Office of Global Opportunities now sponsors programs to various locations in the United States? To find one of these amazing experiences, just type in "US:" into the Search by Program Name Filter on the Browse by Program Page.