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In order to maximize your global experience, you should research and get to know your host location(s) before departure. As an LGBT student there are some additional things you may want to consider as you prepare to go abroad or study in other parts of the United States. The resources below are designed to assist you in planning for your global experience.

If you'd like to speak with someone about your concerns, all of the professional advisors at the OGO have attended Safe Zone training and are capable of answering your questions. Feel free to stop at the front desk to schedule an appointment with an advisor. You can also call 740.593.4583 or send an email to to set up an appointment. We'd be glad to talk to you!

Points to Consider When Selecting a Program

Selecting a study abroad or study away program is an important decision. Here are a few points designed to help you select the destination that's best for you.

  • What cultural attitudes, culture or context exists towards sexual orientation in the host location?
  • What is the social perception of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the host location?
  • What is considered typical male and female social behavior – including gender roles and gender relations – in the host location?
  • Are there any LGBT-friendly establishments near the program site?
  • Can the program accommodate special housing requests such as single rooms, private baths or certain roommates?
  • Does the program have any other resources available for LGBT students?
  • Is there a LGBT community nearby?

Preparing to Go

Once you've selected a destination, considering the following points prior to departure will help to ease your transition into your host culture.

  • How open will I be about my sexual orientation and gender identity with people in my host location(s)? How might this impact my experience?
  • How important is it for me to find other LGBT students and friends while I am on my program? How will I connect with them?
  • What kinds of LGBT-friendly establishments, organizations or resources are available in my host location? How will I access them?
  • What may make the coming out process different in my host country compared with in the U.S?

Ohio University's LGBT Center:

The LGBT Center at Ohio University has a wealth of resources for LGBT students, as well as friendly staff members who can address your concerns.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center

354 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-0239

LGBT Resources from Other Universities:

Colorado State University

Other Places to Gather Information:

NAFSA: The Association for International Education has a website dedicated entirely to LGBT students going abroad.

The International Lesbian and Gay Association : A world-wide federation that campaigns for LGBTI rights on a global scale.

For a country-by-country view, visit:

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission : An international human-rights organization.

NYU LGBT Study Abroad Guide [PDF] : Highlights several popular study abroad locations. Trip Planning