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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you wondering how you can make a global opportunity work for you? You are not ALONE! 

Below we've compiled a list of the most common questions we've heard over the years. Click on any of the questions to learn more.

Have a questions that's not addressed here? Please feel free to contact us at or schedule an appointment to chat with an advisor in our office!


Can I study abroad or find a global opportunity if I'm a _______ major?

Yes! Our office does not restrict participation on global opportunity programs by major. We encourage any and all students to find a program that fits into their schedule - this requires speaking with your academic advisor to see when a good time might be to study abroad or find another off campus opportunity. Some majors might have more strict curriculum requirements than others (a certain series of courses you need to take, only offered at certain times, etc…), but we've found that with flexibility and planning ahead, all sorts of students are able to find off campus programs that work for them.

Some departments have support for global programs in addition to the support from the Office of Global Opportunities. See below.

Do you study health and wellness? Ohio University is home to the Global Health Initiative. For many programs, it partners with the Office of Global Opportunities, OHIO faculty, OHIO alumni, and third party organizations to offer a variety of international global health opportunities. Here's a link to their website - check out their programs!

Do you study business? Students interested in business can find additional support through the Center for International Business. For many programs, the Center for International Business partners with the Office of Global Opportunities, OHIO faculty, OHIO alumni, and third party organizations to offer a variety of international business opportunities. Here's a link to their website - check out their programs!

Other things to think about:

  • Does your major have faculty/staff member that directs an OHIO global program? Maybe! With 80+ OHIO programs and just as many program directors, there might a program with courses required for your major.
  • Do you need credit for your major, or could you focus on general education requirements, like a Tier II course, Junior composition course, or a language?
  • Do you have a minor or certificate? Could you get some of those credits from a global opportunity?
  • Do you have other passions/interests? Many students find opportunities outside of their majors, but still within their interests. This can complement what you’re learning in your major of interest, or could help you decide which major to choose!
When is the best time to go on a global opportunity?

The best time for a study abroad or domestic experience is dependent upon your academic program and your goals.

Many students choose to participate on a global experience during their sophomore or junior year or during the summer for general education requirements. 

How long will my experience be?

You may study abroad for a winter/spring break, a semester or even an entire academic year. Many summer programs last between two and eight weeks. You can find the right fit for you! Many students wish they would have stayed longer. You find find the lengths of programs on each program page online.

Do I have to know a foreign language?

While knowing a foreign language is an important and valuable skill, it is not a prerequisite for your global experience! There are many programs offered throughout the world where courses are taught in English. 

Some students even even utilize their global experience to start learning a language! Whether it is taking one course while abroad, or engaging in a language-intensive experience, there are so many ways you can incorporate language learning into a program.

Will a global opportunity delay my graduation?

It doesn't have to! Global opportunities can often fulfill degree requirements like Gen Eds, some discipline specific coursework, or even as an internship experience.

If you plan carefully with your academic advisor and have your experience approved as part of your academic program, it will not delay your graduation.

Can I apply my financial aid to study abroad?

In most cases your financial aid will apply, as long as you are doing an OHIO program, OHIO exchange, or affiliated provider programs during eligible terms. Your financial aid counselor will work with you to adjust your aid package to reflect the cost of studying abroad and to complete the necessary paperwork. 

Are there scholarships for study abroad?

The Office of Global Opportunities offers several scholarships for global experiences! You can learn more about these on our Scholarship & Grants page.

There are also other institutional, regional and national scholarships which may be available to you. You can find several of these on our Additional Funding Resources page.

What can I study while I'm abroad?

The possibilities are endless. You can get an intercultural experience, study a foreign language, or study the history and culture of the country in which the program in located. You will almost always find a program that suits your major.

Is it possible to do an internship, work or volunteer abroad?

A number of Ohio University students choose to work abroad, especially during the summer. There are select programs, which can help you locate a job and obtain a work permit for a particular country. Internships are also available through Ohio University and through other universities/organizations. Visit our Intern, Volunteer, and Work page for more information.