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About Us

Ohio University was among the first universities in the United States to endorse the NAFSA Association of International Educators' statement on "Principles for U.S. Study Abroad." In part, this document states:

"One of the most effective ways to increase U.S. understanding of other languages and cultures and to improve our ability to function effectively in this interdependent world is to provide individuals with opportunities to study abroad. By living and studying in another country, people learn to live with and appreciate different points of view and gain a more global perspective on life's challenges and opportunities."

We thus endorse and promote the concept of education abroad, assist in the implementation and administration of programs, and help to prepare students and faculty to undertake an education abroad experience. Specifically:

  • The Office of Global Opportunities (OGO) is the place where students should start their search for an appropriate education abroad experience, be it study abroad, work abroad, internships, or volunteer activities.
  • The OGO serves as an advising center and information clearinghouse for all Ohio University sponsored education abroad programs.
  • The OGO serves as an advising and information center for education abroad programs sponsored by other U.S. universities, international organizations, and private agencies.
  • The OGO provides information and administers designated education abroad scholarship programs, grant sources, and financial aid sources for education abroad for undergraduate and graduate students, such as Fulbright and NSEP (National Security Education Program) opportunities.
  • The OGO manages institutional exchange student agreements and works cooperatively with our counterparts at the partner institutions located in the host country.
  • The OGO assists individual faculty and academic departments in the development of new education abroad programs, preparation of the students for such programs, and on-going evaluation of education abroad programs.
  • The OGO recommends policies and procedures regarding the administration of education abroad programs to the University International Council.
  • The OGO publishes and disseminates information about education abroad opportunities to the Ohio University community. We sponsor programs, workshops, and an annual education abroad fair as a means of publicizing such opportunities.
  • The OGO maintains a database of education abroad participants and programs.