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Office of Global Opportunities Risk Management

The Office of Global Opportunities (OGO) tracks and reviews health, safety, and security issues that have the potential for impacting Ohio University student travel. OGO’s risk management team also responds to emergencies impacting students, faculty and staff on University-sponsored travel.

Risk Monitoring and Assessment

OGO’s risk management team monitors world events, news reports, U.S. Department of State (USDOS) travel information and advisories, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel advisories and warnings as well as information provided by the University's international security partner, International SOS.

Specifically, OGO monitors global information and events where:

  • The University sponsors international and domestic study away programs.
  • University students conduct independent, University-sponsored or -related international travel.

If conditions warrant it, OGO will initiate a review and assessment of proposed program and student travel and bring it to the Study Away Risk Assessment Committee (SARAC) for review.

At this time, future program and student travel may subject to a COVID-19 review and approval process.

More information on travel restrictions

Study Away Risk Assessment Committee

The Study Away Risk Assessment Committee (SARAC) is comprised of representatives from across Ohio University. SARAC reviews submitted travel requests and risk assessments as outlined above. For more information on SARAC’s operations and triggers for travel review and risk assessments please see:

Note on COVID-19: University-sponsored student travel is currently only permitted upon review and approval. More information about student travel and COVID-19 is available on OGO’s travel alerts page.

OHIO University Student Travel Policy

According to University Policy 22.001: Student Travel, Ohio University students must register University-sponsored travel. To register travel, start here.