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Nominated and Accepted Students

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Nominated Students

If you have been nominated to study abroad on an Ohio University sponsored program and have used the online application system to apply, please use the steps below as a guide to officially accept or decline your nomination.

You are not a confirmed participant on the program until you have officially accepted your nomination AND paid the program deposit.

Please note: Once you accept your nomination, you will be bound by the Conditions of Participation you signed in the program application. Upon acceptance and payment of the program deposit, you also become financially responsible for both the deposit and the administrative fee.

If you decide to withdraw from the program after accepting your nomination and paying the deposit, you may still be held responsible for the following costs even if you've not yet paid them:

  1. Log in to the online application system here. You should see any programs that you applied to listed in a box. If you have been nominated, the status will read 'Nominated.'
  2. Click to view that application. Doing so will bring you to a screen that will ask you to review and accept the Conditions of Participation, and accept or decline your nomination.
    • the $150 administrative fee
    • Your program deposit
    • Any non-recoverable expenses incurred by the program on your behalf
  3. Attached to your nomination email, there will be a deposit slip. Print this out and take it to the cashier's window in Chubb Hall to pay your deposit by the date indicated on the slip. Other than out-of-pocket expenses, this should be the only thing that you are asked to pay for up front. Everything else will be billed to your student account.

Pre-departure Preparation Course

Planning to study abroad? Want to hit the ground running, fully prepared and ready to deal with the challenges of culture, language, cross-cultural communication, and culture-shock? We will help you get ready with INST 1001, a 1-credit, study abroad, pre-departure course!

Contact Kirsten Dabelko for more information.

Accepted Students

  1. Please respond to emails from your program director/coordinator detailing paperwork and orientation requirements.
  2. Bobcats Abroad is a mandatory meeting that you are required to attend the semester before you go abroad. We will post information on the dates, times and locations of the next sessions.
  3. Check out the Student Handbook for pre-departure details and suggestions for before, during, and after your trip.