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Nominated and Accepted Students

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Nominated Students

Congratulations, you have been offered a spot onto an Ohio-Credit or Exchange program! You will receive an official nomination email from or your appropriate program coordinator outlining your next steps. 

Before you accept or decline the nomination, make sure you read the nomination email and attachments, review the student budget worksheet thoroughly, and refresh your understanding of the Participation Agreement. It is up to you to ensure that you understand the responsibilities, commitments, and obligations that you agree to by accepting the nomination. If you have any questions about about program costs, responsibilities, expectations, etc., check the program website and reach out to the program director(s) or program coordinator before you respond to your nomination.

Accepting a nomination is a two-part process: 

  1. Accepting in the OGO Student Portal. You will need to complete the Budget and Financial Aid and the Health Information tabs, and submit your response to your nomination. 
  2. Pay the non-refundable deposit by following the instructions in the nomination email.

Once you complete both steps, your application status will be updated to “Accepted” and you will receive an email confirming your application status.

Note: Once you have secured your position on the program, you are bound by the Participation Agreement you agreed to in the program application, and become financial responsible for the program costs. Failure to complete either of these steps by the deadline outlined in your nomination email may result in you losing your spot on the program.

Accepted Students

  1. Please respond to emails from your program director/coordinator detailing paperwork and orientation requirements.
  2. Bobcats Abroad is a mandatory meeting that you are required to attend the semester before you go abroad. We will post information on the dates, times and locations of the next sessions.
  3. Check out the Student Handbook for pre-departure details and suggestions for before, during, and after your trip.