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Benefits of Studying Abroad

At Ohio University, you have the opportunity to go global - whether you want to experience life in another country, explore more of the United States, or our hOUme here in Athens. Why go? 

It’s the experience of a lifetime. 

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from fellow Bobcats. 

There are options for everyone.

We offer programs all over the world and in the US. Program length can vary from a week-long winter or spring break program to a semester or academic year. Most programs are open to ALL majors and several fulfill OHIO general education course requirements. You do not need to know a foreign language to go abroad - many options have coursework taught in English! If you’d rather take on an internship or volunteer across the globe, you can do that, too. 

You’ll experience education outside of the classroom.

We value experiential education. Studying away gives you the chance to go beyond the classroom, to experience your education in new ways. Interested in biodiversity? Experience it first-hand in the coral reefs off the coast of Australia or forests of Costa Rica. Fascinated by history? Visit the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu or trace the history of the Holocaust through Europe. No matter your discipline, you’ll find experiences that enhance your education here at Ohio University. 

You can still graduate on time.

An analysis by the Consortium for Analysis of Student Success through International Education (CASSIE) found that those who studied abroad were 6.2% more likely to graduate in 4 years and had an average GPA 0.16 point higher than those who did not study abroad. To determine which semester you have the most flexibility to go, work with your Success Advisor.  Consider winter break, spring break, and summer options for busy academic year schedules. Start planning ahead so you can give yourself the most flexibility. 

You can study away and stay in budget.

There are semester-length programs with total costs that are equal to or less than and in-state semester on campus. Consider winter and spring break programs for tuition savings as credits associated with these terms are considered part of Spring Semester full time tuition. Apply all or part of your existing OHIO Financial Aid and Scholarship package during eligible terms. In addition, check out our funding page for additional global scholarships.

It will boost your resume.

Based on a survey conducted by IES Abroad, 67% of study abroad alumni found their first job within six months of graduation.

Less than 10% of students study abroad during their 4 years in college. Studying away will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants for your future careers with skillsets you gain on a global program such as independence, teamwork, adaptability, cross-cultural communication, problem solving, and confidence. 


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