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Study Away Program Proposal Process


Lead Students!

We are excited that you are interested in offering a domestic or study abroad faculty-led program! These opportunities can be rewarding, not just for the students, but for the faculty leader as well. This website is developed to provide information you will need as you develop your program. Please contact our office and your department chair and college dean as soon as you begin thinking about developing a program.

Get Started

To begin the proposal process, please contact Director of Global Opportunities and Study Away Committee (SAC) Chair, Catherine Marshall ( marshalc@ohio.edu ). OGO provides departments and faculty with assistance and support during all phases of program development and implementation. In addition to staff support for your program, you will receive our faculty newsletter and be invited to attend our brown bag gatherings and workshops.

SAC recommends that faculty have prior experience at the proposed program site. Knowledge with the location usually makes for an easier planning process and enhances the likelihood of overall success. Limited funding for reconnaissance trips is available for international program development if you need to travel to explore your program site. Please contact Catherine Marshall ( marshalc@ohio.edu ) for more information.

Partner with a Third Party Provider

Need assistance with planning the logistics in a host country? Working with a third-party provider or an existing partner university can help you with program planning. IEP is an embedded provider in the OHIO Office of Global Opportunities. At your request, IEP can provide a proposal for your customized faculty-led program through their consortium of partners including CISabroad and Kaya Responsible Travel. Contact Ellie Koewler, at ellie@iepabroad.org for more details.

You may also select to partner with one of the following providers*:

*If you are interested in working with a provider not listed above, please be aware a formal RFP may be required.

Plan a Successful Program

The Study Away Committee (SAC) reviews all new study abroad and domestic study away proposals. It is best to submit a program proposal as early as possible in case the committees request clarifications or revisions. Early submission also ensures that you will have enough time to promote the program and recruit students.

International Study Abroad Programs

Domestic Study Away Programs

Contact Catherine Marshall ( marshalc@ohio.edu ) to get a link for the online proposal form.

Program Date to Begin In:

Program Proposal Submission Date:

Fall 2020

September 1, 2019


Winter Break 2020-2021
Sping 2021
Spring Break 2021

December 1, 2019


Summer 2021

February 1, 2020

Winter Break 2020-2021
Sping 2021
Spring Break 2021

December 1, 2019

* Proposals to certain destinations will require an annual risk review (see below) prior to SAC consideration. Please add one month to your timeline if your program meets the criteria for a risk review.
** Programs housed in COB, HSP, HCOM, or Patton College of Education must be reviewed by the appropriate college committee prior to SAC consideration. Please add one month to your timeline. Risk Assessment Review

Study abroad proposals and programs that meet certain triggers must go through an annual risk review process. Generally, a risk review is triggered by risk rating of high or extreme from International SOS or by a Department of State Travel Warning. You can log in to International SOS using the ID: 11BCAS000010.

Other reasons for a risk review to be triggered can be found in the Process for reviewing study abroad programs in relation to risk. Additional information on this process can be found in the Study Abroad Risk Assessment Committee's (SARAC) Operating Code [PDF]. If you need further assistance, please contact Kirsten Dabelko.


When traveling with students, it is important to be familiar with the policies related to students studying away from campus. OGO will hold a Faculty Director Training Workshop for all new faculty directors, co-directors and assistants. It is a one-time required meeting where staff from The Office of Legal Affairs will join our office to speak about topics related to leading a domestic or study abroad program.


The following is a list of forms needed during the planning and implementation process.

For Directors Abroad and Away

OGO has developed a number resources to assist faculty leading programs away from OHIO. In addition, we recommend that you sign up for International SOS email updates for your destination. You will find a link to email updates under “Online Services” in the “Global Traveler” section at International SOS using the ID 11BCAS000010 for login.

Faculty Development Workshops, Brownbags and Other Resources

Director Access to GOIS

Student applications and required paperwork are collected in the Global Opportunities Information System (GOIS). Once a program is approved, faculty directors work with OGO staff to tailor the application to each program’s requirements. Faculty directors are able access GOIS and view applications. Please log in with your OHIO ID at https://webapps.ohio.edu/eais/console

Exchange Start-Up Information

Over the years, OHIO has entered into a number of exchange agreements. Exchanges offer the benefits of (1) careful assessment of curricular and academic compatibility for sending and receiving students, (2) promotion of ongoing and long-term academic connections between faculty and students, (3) maintenance of tuition at the home/sending institution, and (4) in some cases, diversity of international studens within the undergraduate student population.
Exchanges are most successful when there is (1) direct faculty and departmental support, (2) long-term commitment and (3) an agreement is preceded by a careful analysis of specific curricular fits.

Promotion of exchange balance is vitally important to ensuring a successful exchange. Achieving a balanced number of students sent and students received is a perpetual challenge at OHIO and at most US universities; in short, more students are eager to attend a US college for a term or two than US students are eager to venture abroad. Consequently, OGO encourages carefully considered exchanges, preferably driven by student desire and study abroad trends.

Faculty, departments and colleges interested in pursuing an exchange agreement, should make an appointment with Kirsten Dabelko, Exchange Program Coordinator to discuss their plans.