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Affiliated Provider Programs

What is an Affiliated Provider Program?

Affiliated Provider Programs are offered through any one of our affiliated third-party providers (companies) that specialize in study abroad programming. Students will earn transfer credit.  Programs are available in many different locations across the world and tend to be at least a semester in length, however many do have shorter summer options. They also offer internships and volunteer experiences.

  • Funding - During eligible terms, you are able to use your entire OHIO financial aid and scholarship package.
    • NOTE: Most financial aid is NOT available for the summer. Some federal aid can be used/extended (ie. Pell Grants) and some OHIO specific scholarships or stipends may be used. You can also apply for study away scholarships
  • Credit -  You will earn transfer credit. Transfer credit does not affect your GPA. 
  • Terms -  Programs through affiliated providers are great for semester and year long options, as well as summer programs. They may also offer a "J-Term" or "Maymester" options, but these may not align with the OHIO academic calendar.

Who are our Affiliates?

*Special note for ISA/TEAN:

WorldStrides has an advisor on campus in the OHIO Office of Global Opportunities to advise on ISA and TEAN semester, summer and internship programs. 

Why go on an Affiliated Provider Program?

There are many different reasons students choose to attend an Affiliated Provider Program, including:

  • More location options! Affiliated providers offer thousands of options, many in locations not available through OHIO Credit or Exchange programs
  • Ability to study abroad with a cohort of students from across the U.S., not just Ohio University. This includes traveling with friends/relatives who may attend a college in another state/location.
  • Programs can offer multiple destinations to maximize global travels!
  • Variety of courses. Participants can take a combination of courses that may fulfill different requirements on their DARS (i.e. you can take a business and language course together)
  • Some options may be more affordable than a semester on campus.

How to go on an Affiliated Provider Program

  1. Narrow down options and select a program
    • You can find links to all of our affiliates above, and on the Browse by Program Page. Review program details, cost, and application requirements.
    • Come to advising to help compare different opportunities.
  2. Start the Global Experiences Transfer Credit Approval Process process with OGO.
    • The Global Experiences Transfer Credit Approval Process is a pre-approval process required for all students participating in an international program who plan to receive transfer credit for their experience. This process is completed onlinein the OGO Student Portal. The process assists students to:
      • Maintain enrollment as an Ohio University student while away.  
      • Set realistic expectations regarding transfer credit and determine how courses may transfer back to Ohio University.
      • Understand if and how financial aid will apply to program costs.
      • Ensure enrollment in mandatory international health insurance, travel registration with the U.S. Embassy, and understanding the relevant guidelines and policies.  
    • Please note: We strongly encourage all students seeking to participate in a Non-OHIO Program to meet with an OGO advisor. The advisor can walk you through the general pre-approval process, sign off on your alternative budget worksheet, and provide guidance throughout the process. Email to schedule a meeting. 
  3. Apply through the program provider
    • If a program seems like a good fit after completing part or all of the Global Experiences Transfer Credit Approval Process process, you will then need to apply directly through the provider.
    • To submit an application, students may be required to pay an application fee, write a personal statement, send in a transcript, complete an interview, and/or provide letters of recommendation or reference information. These requirements may vary program to program.
  4. Accept and pay deposit
    • The program provider will review the application and notify students if they have been accepted to participate on the program. To confirm their spot, students will often need to pay a deposit to the company. 
  5. Prepare and GO!
    • Complete any additional Ohio University steps:
    • Complete any additional post-acceptance materials through your provider.

Did you know? We have a recommended 1-credit hour Pre-Departure Course: INST 1001 "Cross-Cultural Preparation for Study Abroad." This half-semester course can be taken the semester prior to departure and helps students prepare for their experience abroad!