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OHIO Credit Programs

What is an OHIO Credit Program?

OHIO Credit Programs give you the opportunity to travel with Ohio University faculty, staff, and students while gaining direct OHIO credit. These programs help you progress towards graduation by fulfilling degree requirements such as BRICKS or major/minor/certificate coursework. There are many programs for students in all majors, though classes are offered in specific disciplines.

  • Funding - During eligible terms, you are able to use your entire OHIO financial aid and scholarship package.
    • NOTE: Most financial aid is NOT available for the summer. Some federal aid can be used/extended (ie. Pell Grants) and some OHIO specific scholarships or stipends may be used. You can also apply for study away scholarships
  • Credit -  The credit you earn is direct OHIO credit, the same as courses on campus and courses that are on your DARS.
  • Terms -  OHIO credit programs offer a lot of flexibility for winter break, spring break, short-term, and summer programs. 

Why go on an OHIO Credit Program?

There are many different reasons students choose to attend an OHIO Credit Program, including:

  • Build relationships with faculty and staff on campus (which is great for future references!)
  • Grow friendships with students at Ohio University
  • Free and simple application process (and you can even apply to multiple programs before accepting and committing to one!) 
  • International and Domestic opportunities are available.
  • The credit from courses on winter break/spring break programs are wrapped into the spring semester course-load.

How to go on an OHIO Credit Program

  1. Narrow down options and select a program
    • Review program details, cost, & application requirements on the Browse by Program Page.
    • Come in for advising to help compare different opportunities.
  2. Apply online!
    • Applications for OHIO credit programs can be found in the OGO Student Portal
    • Application requirements vary by program. You may be required to submit a personal statement, complete an interview, and/or provide letters of recommendation/reference information. We recommend reviewing the "Eligibility and Application Requirements" section of a program's website for details. 
  3. Accept nomination and pay deposit
    • Program director(s) will review applications and select the students they wish to nominate for the program.
      • Note: Some programs review on a rolling basis (meaning you'll know shortly after you submitted if you'll receive a spot) others won't nominate till after all applications have been received.
    • Students are then offered a spot on the program via email. Students who wish to participate on the program must confirm their spot by (1) Accepting their nomination in the OGO Student Portal AND (2) Paying their deposit by the deadline outlined in the nomination email. 
      • Typically, nominated students have two weeks to confirm their spot by completing the steps outlined in the nomination email. After that point in time, other students may be nominated in their place.
  4. Prepare and GO!

Did you know? You do not have to go abroad to have a transformative learning experience! OGO supports many different study away experiences in the United States. These programs have specialized integrated themes, which allow for an expanded academic and professional focus while increasing cultural competency. To find one of these amazing experiences, just type in "US:" into the Search by Program Name Filter on the Browse by Program Page