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OHIO Experts Directory

The Ohio University Experts Directory is a searchable listing of faculty members who are knowledgeable in specific topical areas. These experts have provided their contact information and this directory serves to provide a way to learn about the broad range of expertise at Ohio University and also to connect with an expert about any particular topic of interest.

All OHIO Experts

Benjamin Bates

  • Barbara Geralds Schoonover Professor of Health Communication
Area: Communication, History and Politics

Emmanuel Jean Francois

  • Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Education Administration/Leadership
Area: Education, Global and International Affairs

Gillian Ice

  • Professor and Director of Global Health
Area: Health, Medicine and Wellness
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Brandon Kendhammer

  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Director of International Development Studies
Area: Global and International Affairs, History and Politics

Caroline Kingori

  • Associate Professor, Social and Public Health
  • Master of Public Health Program Coordinator
Area: Diversity, Health, Medicine and Wellness

Faith Knutsen

  • Director of Social Innovation and Entreprenueurship
Area: Business and Economics, Entrepreneurship

Ellison McNutt

  • Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biomedical Sciences
Area: Paleontology, Science and Technology

Donald Miles

  • Professor of Biological Sciences
Area: Science and Technology

Jerry Miller

  • Professor
  • Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies
Area: Communication, History and Politics

Greg C. Obi

  • Associate Professor of Management Sciences
Area: Business and Economics, Diversity

Nancy Stevens

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Professor of Functional Morphology and Vertebrate Paleontology
  • Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies
  • Environmental Studies Advisory Board
Area: Paleontology
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