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Greg C. Obi, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Management Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Expert Bio

Obi’s research interests are in the areas of organizational management/leadership as it relates to how variables like culture, gender, socioeconomic power, and other diversity issues impact organizational management practices. With a particular interest in management tools like empowerment, job satisfaction, leadership styles, and motivation of employees. The focus is on how variables like gender, socioeconomic power, culture, etc. influence employees' perception of these management tools, contrasting these findings between developing countries and developed countries like the United States. Other interests include the performance of corporate and political leadership in various parts of the world, but focusing more on African, and South Asian nations, reasons for failure and success, and if such reasons are culturally influenced. As well as finding what the seemingly divergent "first and third” worlds can learn from each other. 

His published works include book chaptersbusiness case studies, and research articles. He is an avid workshop/conference presenter. Obi says he is an early adopter of technology, especially if such technology can impact effective pedagogy. 

Obi is an Associate Professor of Management sciences. He has a Ph.D. in Global Leadership with a major in Organizational Management from the Indiana Institute of Technology, Fort Wayne, IN. His baccalaureate degree is from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, Nigeria, and an MBA from Purdue University.  He also has a certificate in Effective College Instruction from ACE/ACUE. 

Expertise at a Glance

Obi is an expert in African leadership issues, gender, and minority issues in management, and cultural impact on management. His research is on how organizational management practices are impacted by the culture of where the organization is located.