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Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment

Faculty and staff at Ohio University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment (ISEE) conduct applied research to develop innovative process technologies that enable the sustainable and economic use of natural and renewable resources for the production of the energy, chemicals, and food our society uses every day.

ISEE’s key research focus is in addressing Food, Energy, Water (FEW) Nexus issues, with core strengths in thermocatalytic process development, catalytic material development and analyses, process modeling, and techno-economic studies. The students, faculty, and staff of ISEE strive to develop applied, economically viable solutions for academic, federal and state government, and industry partners.

Receiving more than $15 million in external funding over the past 10 years, our mission is to develop our students’ professional and research competencies through a supportive environment and state-of-the-art facilities. Current research focus areas include wastewater remediation, nutrient recovery/energy production from animal wastes, modular fuels/chemicals production, and algae harvesting.