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Academics at the Russ College

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student at the Russ College, we’ll help you gain the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to become a leader in the field you choose.

Internships and Career Development

Don’t wait until after graduation to develop your career. We provide many opportunities to gain experience and connections through internships, career fairs, and more.

Internships + Careers

Accredited Programs

Program accreditation impacts your licensure after college. Learn about the accreditation status of our programs and see the organizations that provide accreditation.


The Academic Experience

At the Russ College we’ll help you gain the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to become a leader in the field you choose. Our curriculum is challenging, stimulating and rewarding. Most importantly, it will prepare you to go out into the world and create to make a difference.

Our first-year students are taught by senior faculty who are leaders in their fields and can also get engaged with engineering and technology right away via freshman design courses. Our students have unparalleled opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills through activities like student competitions, senior design projects, and leadership institutes and initiatives.

While we’re a smaller-sized engineering and technology college, we’re housed within a medium-sized liberal arts university, so our students are constantly interacting with other students and faculty members from a wide range of disciplines, on a beautiful residential campus that still offers access to great arts, culture and entertainment.

We offer a strong campus community where you’ll make - and keep - lifelong bonds.

Heritage of Success

We have a long heritage of academic success, and that heritage is fulfilled, in large part, by one of our most visionary graduates. In 2008, Fritz Russ (BSEE ‘42) and his wife, Dolores, made an unprecedented gift of $124 million to the Russ College. Their faith in the Russ College and dedication to the profession of engineering make it possible to offer a unique quality of faculty, depth of student support, and excellence in research.

Learn more about the LEGACY OF THE Russes