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Facilities + Equipment

Facilities + Equipment

Through our affiliations with four independent research institutes at Ohio University, we have the unique benefit of combining resources for electrochemical engineering, advanced materials and energy research, air quality assessment and monitoring, and environmental remediation research, as well as dedicated research and equipment for our independent multidisciplinary studies.

About Our Equipment

The Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment comprises state-of-the-art research labs as well as independent research centers, all housing technical experts working toward a greener future. Armed with cutting-edge fabrication and testing facilities and the most advanced analytical tools, our researchers uncover new ways to fuel the future.

About Our Facilities

The Institute‚Äôs independent research center, the Center for Air Quality, operates facilities in various locations on campus. Additionally, ISEE's facilities house equipment and resources enabling 3D printing, advanced materials processing and manufacturing, advanced materials research and development, environmental remediation including wastewater treatment, critical materials recovery, advanced recycling, energy storage materials, and design and testing of electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems. 

ISEE Analytical Lab

Our broad analytical capabilities at our facilities range from basic tools such as pH meters, turbidimeters, and fluorometers, to complex analytical devices that analyze gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, total organic carbon, trace metals, proteins, carbohydrates, and more. All of our analytical equipment is housed in our research facilities at the West State Street Research Complex and in our Stocker Center laboratories.