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Undergraduate Forms

  • Program Change/Update
    Use this form to declare or change your major within the Russ College and add/remove minors and certificates.
  • Transient Approval/Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation
    Use this form to request re-evaluation of your transfer credits or to receive official approval of courses at other institutions prior to registration. Please allow up to two weeks for processing.
  • Class Permission Request (after 2nd Week)
    Use this form if you have instructor permission to add a class after the second week of the term. If you want to add a class with permission during the first two weeks of the semester, follow these directions to request permission through your MyOHIO Student Center.
  • Exceed 20 credit hours
    Use this form to request enrollment in more than 20 credit hours. Please be aware that you’ll be charged for each additional credit over 20 hours.
  • Drop a class (after 10th week)
    Use this form to request permission to drop a class after the official withdraw date has passed. If you want to drop a class during the first 10 weeks of the semester, you may drop it yourself through your MyOHIO Student Center following these directions.
  • Tuition Appeals
    Students who could not complete the semester due to extenuating circumstances may apply for a tuition refund using the forms found in this link that are relevant to your appeal. Email completed forms to
  • Withdrawal
    Students who need to withdraw from all courses for the semester must contact Colin Cottrell in Stocker 120 or email Please note, you will not be able to drop your final class without assistance.
  • Petition for Reinstatement
    Students who have been academically dismissed from the Russ College may use this form to apply for re-instatement one calendar year or more after their dismissal.
  • GPA Calculator
    Use this excel calculator to predict your GPA after the end of this semester, including the impact of course retakes and grade replacements.
  • Four-Year Course Plan
    Use this planner to map out your courses during your time at Ohio University. Review with your advisor to ensure alignment of requisites and planned course offerings.

    Do you have questions or need a form not listed here? Contact Russ College Student Services at or 740.593.1483.

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