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Two students work on a test sitting at the same table, with other working students in the foreground and background
Stacking the Deck for Career Success
Engineering Competencies

Engineering Competencies

Launch your career and reach new heights with our OHIO developed Engineering Competency Card Deck Based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Engineering Competency Model.

In most card games, you’re dealt a hand from a fixed deck that affects your chance of winning. But to win your career game we will teach you how to Stack the Deck - so you can play the right “competency card” in an interview to land your dream job.

You’ll keep winning promotions and reaching new levels in your career because playing the right cards at work will make you an effective and respected engineer. You will build your hand of competency cards by seeking out experiences that connect to your goals and telling the story about what you’ve done - and why.

Our Competency Card Deck presents the Engineering Competency Model in a format that helps you identify challenges to develop each competency and test yourself with interview questions asked by leading engineering companies. The cards reveal what engineers are expected to know, and how engineers are expected to act.

An African proverb teaches us: “The path is made by walking.”

The competencies are your steppingstones – but you get to discover, create, and walk your own path. Enjoy the journey!

For more information, see this video from the Competency Model Clearinghouse: How to Crosswalk Competency Models for Curriculum Development: Stacking the Deck for Students.