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Research Overview

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A strategic research area for the Russ College, the field of energy and the environment is a primary global concern, especially within the context of mega-trends such as population growth, climate change, and urbanization. ISEE students, faculty, and staff are developing applied, economically viable solutions for partners in industry, government, and academia.

Led by Russ Professor and ISEE Director Jason Trembly, ISEE offers capabilities including:

  • Thermocatalytic conversion
  • Nutrient recovery
  • Wastewater Remediation
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Techno-Economic Analyses
  • Process Modeling


Our partners recognize our key competencies and have supported our work to develop innovative technologies in the following areas:

Publications and Patents

Our researchers have numerous publications of findings in professional journals and several patents for processes and apparatuses. Visit each page to see a complete list.

Publications Patents

Conferences + Workshops

Part of our goal as a research center is to share our results with colleagues in industry and academia, as well as the general public. Through attendance and presentation at conferences such as the Algae Biomass Summit, the annual conference of the Institute for Biological Engineering, the Waste Conversion Technology annual conference and trade show, and the annual meeting of the Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, we contribute to understanding how sustainable, environmentally responsible energy supports the common good in a global perspective.

Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students get hands-on experience with research and project support within our research institute, while graduate students in chemical and mechanical engineering contribute to developing the next generation of sustainable energy technology.

For more info on student research opportunities, contact Director Jason Trembly at 740.331.4921.