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Resource Checklists by Year

Use these yearly checklists as a guide to enhance your experience at the Russ College. Supplemental summer study is also a great option if you need to catch up, or if you want to get ahead along the way.


  • Advising week for next term — see your advisor to schedule classes for next semester
  • Remember, the end of the tenth week is the last day to drop a class
  • Undecided students must choose a major by the end of the first year, so look out for the fall semester Majors Fair
  • Determine housing for next year
  • Get involved in a student org
  • Take advantage of Supplemental Instruction for the classes you’re in
  • Register for an internship
  • Take a class at home over the summer
  • Stay healthy — Hudson Health Center; Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Changing majors? See the Russ College Office of Student Records
  • Apply to renew or get a scholarship.
  • Hang out in the Academic & Research Center



  • Do an internship or co-op
  • Get involved - peer mentor, join honor societies, Robe Leadership Institute, Engineering Ambassadors
  • Think about recommendations you might need for job applications or graduate school.
  • Get fired up about Senior Design!
  • Undergraduate research
  • Start thinking about senior year and what you want to do by the time you leave


  • Register with the Career Network
  • Look into graduate programs in your field
  • Participate in leadership and academic programs
  • Get involved: Peer mentor, tutor, research
  • Attend the Fall Career Fair
  • Apply to graduate school
  • Senior design

Additional Resources

Here are some frequently used resources that you’ll want to have handy while you’re a student at the Russ College.