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Leadership + Integrity

Leaders drawing and editing the pre printed banner.

Any college can help you become an engineer or technologist. But it takes a place like the Russ College to help you become a true leader, who understands how a team works and how to communicate with colleagues.

We believe that great leadership is only possible with great integrity. That’s why we developed our own honor code and why we maintain a focus on responsible engineering that not only changes the world, but also enhances it.

We consider it a privilege to guide the next generation of responsible leaders in engineering and technology, and we give our students plenty of opportunities to hone their leadership skills both inside and outside the classroom through:

We also provide unique funding opportunities to students who demonstrate leadership skills. Our endowment enables us to provide unique support for student participation in competitions, travel to conferences, and other activities through the Russ Vision Fund. Our students practice leadership, creativity, and collaboration, developing themselves into meta-engineers and technologists.

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