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How to Earn Summer Credit at Other Institutions

Here are the steps to register for a summer course and transfer your credit back to OHIO:

  1. Complete fall registration advising
    • Work with your advisor to choose summer and fall classes. Develop a backup plan in case your summer plans change.
  2. Register for summer courses
  3. Take the class!
    • Aim for high grades. You must still meet prerequisite grade requirements to move on in a course sequence -- often a "C" or better. At private or out-of-state institutions, all grades must be a "C-" or better to transfer.
    • If you are retaking a course, we recommend you retake the course through Ohio University so you can replace the previous grade. Credits from other institutions will transfer, but grades will not be replaced or affect your overall GPA.
    • Be sure to focus on learning the material in the course and not just the grade you need to earn. Just because a course will transfer doesn’t mean that the content will fully prepare you to succeed in subsequent courses.
  4. Transfer credit back to Ohio University
    • Request an official electronic transcript from your host institution after you receive your final grade, and send it to If electronic transcripts are not available, transcripts should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions at Chubb Hall 120.
    • Call Admissions a few days later to verify the transcript was received, and wait at least a week for the credit to be awarded.
    • Contact Paula Linscott in Stocker Center 121 with questions about transfer credits.