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Summer Courses

What’s your summer strategy? Catch up, get ahead or get focused with a summer course. Summer is a great time to retake a course, lighten your load for the upcoming year, or focus on just one subject that you want to be sure you do well in. You can take classes at the Athens campus, through a regional campus, or online -- or you can transfer credits from two- and four-year colleges closer to home. Talk to your faculty advisor about what makes the most sense for you. In the meantime, here are some helpful steps:

  1. Download summer 2019 course availability [PDF] or check to find equivalent courses.
  2. Check these details for how to register for a summer course.
  3. Keep these things in mind:
    • Summer courses are often taught in an accelerated format so you still have time for a vacation or a summer job. Because of this, take just one technical course per shortened session, or two technical classes for a full summer semester.
    • Missing one summer class is like missing two during a regular semester. Make sure your summer plans enable you to attend every class.
    • If you need to retake a class, do it at Ohio University so you can replace your previous grade. Credits from another institution will still transfer, but the grades will not, preventing you from improving your GPA.
    • You must meet the grade requirements for prerequisites to move on the next level. While a "D" will transfer from other Ohio institutions, you must earn at least a "C-" to transfer out-of-state or private college credits to Ohio University. Several courses require a "C" or better.
    • If you receive financial aid, consult with your financial aid advisor to ensure your aid is used most effectively.