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High-Performance Computing

Our high-performance computing researchers study the use and design of supercomputers to solve complex problems in science and engineering. Some applications of these new exascale computing systems include processing climate data for detailed simulations or predictions of weather patterns, designing new energy systems, or simulating biological processes to speed testing of new drugs.

Dr. Avinash Karanth’s research projects in high-performance computing include:

  • Improving energy-efficiency of Networks-on-Chips (NoCs) for future multicore supercomputer architectures
    • Funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Improving existing electrical (metallic) interconnects
    • energy-efficiency
    • performance
    • low-cost solution
    • fault tolerance
  • Evaluating the impact of future disruptive technologies such as photonics, wireless and 3D interconnects
    • developed architectures that exploit photonics/wireless/3D
    • dynamically reconfigure the network based on application demands
    • tune network performance in response to programming model (such as shared memory)