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Ongoing research projects at the Center for Scientific Computing and Immersive Technologies include a range of topics in our research focus areas.

  • Bioinformatics — Center Director Lonnie Welch is engaged in collaborative genomic research with the Edison Biotechnology Institute to develop algorithms that could lead to a cure for diabetes.
  • Medical image analysis — Advancements are being explored by Dr. Jundong Liu, who is using images to help measure and study brain differences in patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • High-Performance ComputingDr. Avinash Karanth is designing an exascale computer that generates a fraction of the heat and processes data thousands of times faster than the world’s current supercomputers.
  • Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining — Dr. Razvan Bunescu's work focuses on developing new applications of these computational processes to medical diagnostic tools and improving the underlying systems that support them.
  • Immersive Learning Technologies — Modern computer technologies, like three-dimensional graphics and virtual reality, offer immersive experience for users. Dr. Chang Liu is developing some of these learning technologies and programs.

To learn more about these and other ongoing research projects, contact the center at 740.593.1568.