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Bioinformatics, which combines genetics and biology with computer science, is a rapidly growing discipline in biological research and in computer science research. Bioinformatics arose out of a need to rapidly expand and analyze large volumes of biological data, especially in the area of genomics. Our center supports scholarship, peer study, and educational programs that bridge these disciplines and help develop bioinformatics professionals who graduate appropriately prepared to contribute to this unique technical field.

Educational Programs

Modern biological and biomedical research involves a significant informatics component. Traditionally, computer programmers have been educated in Computer Science, and biologists have been educated in Biological Sciences or Environmental and Plant Biology. To meet the growing need for people working in biological research and industry, formal study in the interdisciplinary aspects of bioinformatics is crucial. Ohio University offers several certificate programs and options in bioinformatics to meet this demand.

Undergraduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

Degree Programs with Bioinformatics Option

  • BS in Computer Science with bioinformatics specialization
  • M.S. in Computer Science with bioinformatics specialization
  • PhD in EECS with Bioinformatics Emphasis