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About Our Sponsors

Hand holding toy balsa wood airplane with Ohio University logo on the wing

From federal agencies to private industry, our partners support our expertise in avionics engineering through a variety of research projects. Sponsoring agencies have come to depend on the expert knowledge, quick response time, and practical results we offer in the development, implementation, and modification of navigation, communication, and surveillance systems.

Along with practical expertise in a number of navigational systems, the Avionics Engineering Center has a reputation for establishing workable schedules to complete contract-sponsored projects within an acceptable time frame. We respond quickly and effectively in critical situations, with three “flying laboratories” equipped for testing and measurement, and we have staff members on call to handle problems on location.

Our staff takes pride in their unique ability to combine theoretical studies and practical application of avionics engineering to handle projects from concept to demonstration with a minimum investment of both time and money. For more information about our research partners, contact Director Jay Wilhelm at

How to Become a Sponsor

Looking for a partner for complete life-cycle support of your avionics system, program or contract? We consult on technical areas from flight inspection criteria to navigation and communication systems to field site evaluations. Our research partners include some of the biggest names in aeronautical and aerospace technology.

Explore our capabilitiesequipment, and facilities to find the technical resources you need.

For more information about joining this elite group, contact Director Jay Wilhelm at