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Brumby UAV

Brumby UAV parked on landing strip, with wires extending from open top hatch

The Brumby Uninhabited Airborne Vehicle was built in Australia by Sydney University. This research platform can handle up to an 8kg (17 lbs) payload and has large hatches, which allow for easy access to the payload. These features allow for navigation and application sensor payloads. It is equipped with a 7.2 hp engine, which allows it to travel over 100 mph with an endurance of 40 to 60 minutes.

To date, a computer, GPS receivers, and a spread spectrum data link have been integrated to provide navigation information to the remote control pilot, on the ground. Future research plans include the following: use as an airborne wireless network repeater, infrared sensor platform, remote control via Synthetic Vision Systems, low-cost GPS/INS integration, and autonomous flight.