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College Preparation Programs

Through two comprehensive programs, the Stevens Literacy Center provides potential college students with readiness skills and support services for a healthy transition to college.

Ohio University College Bound

College Bound Chemistry Class

Located in The Patton College of Education, College Bound provides Athens and Vinton County High School students who are potential first-generation college students with readiness skills and support services that cultivate resilience, confidence, and preparation for a healthy and successful transition to a postsecondary institution upon high school graduation. College Bound is designed to provide academic support as well as personal and cognitive development. Students receive assistance in preparing for the ACT/SAT, college applications, financial aid, and many more areas regarding academic and personal success.

The program's main objectives include:

  • Developing both academic and noncognitive strengths of our students to increase participation and persistence in a post-secondary institution upon high school graduation
  • Increasing motivation to attend college/post-secondary institutions by providing opportunities to explore colleges and career paths
  • Fostering social leadership and cultural awareness through diverse activities, workshops, and service-learning

OHIO Mentor Project

Ohio University’s OHIO Mentor Project serves high school students residing in Southeastern Ohio communities affected by the opioid crisis. The Athens Campus assists students from Vinton County, while OHIO’s regional campuses work with students from their nearby communities. Through service learning and targeted mentoring provided by Patton College students, the Vinton County mentees receive support in identifying and successfully navigating pathways to postsecondary education.

Foundational elements of the Mentoring Plan, required by the project funder Ohio Department of Higher Education, are included in the regular mentoring sessions. The sessions include lessons, activities, and engagement surrounding topics on college and career planning, including:

  • Tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Opioid and drug education
  • Financial literacy
  • Service learning
  • ACT/SAT preparation
  • Soft-skill development
  • Understanding college options, including College Credit Plus (CC+)
  • Diversity/cultural competency
  • Leadership
  • Additional topics to be devised, based on mentee needs and/or topics identified by the partner schools

Additional activities are organized by Patton College students for their mentees. For instance:

  • A book club for both the mentees and the mentors was created, and the group is on its third book
  • A monthly discussion about an assigned TED Talk video

For more information about both of these college preparation programs, contact:

Coleen Y. Dietsch-Krubl
College Bound Project Manager
Patton Hall 218G