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Veterans Health Certificate

Veterans Health Certificate Overview

There are nearly 20 million living veterans of the United States (US) armed forces. Of those, approximately 866,000 veterans live in Ohio and over 255,000 of these service men and women are utilizing some medical care provided by Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers/community clinics. Veterans and their families have special health and health care needs. While Ohio University prepares a large number of health and health care professionals with vast clinical roles, e.g., nurses, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, hearing and speech professionals, and physicians, there are no specific academic programs of foci on the special needs of veterans and their families. In fact, there are few academic programs nationwide that provide this focus, and those that do exist are relatively new. 

The purpose of this certificate is to provide students and/or post-professional health and health care workers with a background in advanced and specific knowledge for work with veterans in health and health care settings. The topics will include, United States military history and culture as it pertains to the individuals’ health, the Veteran’s Affairs system and common and current medical conditions associated with the military service. 

At Ohio University’s College of Health Sciences and Professions, you can obtain your Veterans Health Certificate at an affordable cost and 100% online, while gaining greater insight and perspective into this special population.

Interested in obtaining a master's degree by combining your specific areas of interest?

This certificate is part of a unique stackable certificate option that can lead to obtaining a Master of Integrated Health Studies.

Simply choose any two of the following designated graduate certificates and complete a set of core courses. 

Opportunities upon Completion:  

The certificate is for those who are working, or intend to work with veterans, to provide greater insight and perspective of this special population to become leaders in health care delivery to our US veterans. 

Required Courses: 

IHS 5400- Veterans Health: United States Military Culture and History 

IHS 5401- Diseases and Conditions in Veterans: Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Treatment 

IHS 5402- Veterans Affairs System: Healthcare Perspectives 

Graduation Requirements: 

1) Minimum semester hours required: 9 

2) Thesis requirement: No 

3) Qualifying exam: No 

4) Expected time to completion if studying full time: 1.5 semesters 

5) The Veterans Health Graduate Certificate consists of three courses for total of nine semester credit hours. Upon applying for graduation (for degree-seeking students) or completion of the certificate requirements (for non-degree students), you must contact the program coordinator for verification of completion and the awarding of the certificate. 

Admission Requirements: 

The Veterans Health Graduate Certificate program will accept students in two categories: (1) those who have been admitted to an advanced degree program at Ohio University and (2) those who possess a bachelor’s or advanced degree but are not currently in a degree program at Ohio University. Master of Integrated Health Studies (MIHS) students do not need to apply for each certificate separately.  Each MIHS student will identify their two certificates of choice when applying to the degree program.

1) Students who have already been admitted to an advanced degree program at Ohio University (degree-seeking graduate students). 

  • Complete an Application for Update of Graduate Academic Program. This application can be obtained online or in person from the Graduate College.  
  • The completed application, including the signature of an advisor (if applicable) should be submitted to the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies, in Grover W182, or emailed to Stephanie Johnson to obtain the certificate director signature.  
  • After the certificate director has signed the form, it will be sent to the Graduate College for processing.  

2) To apply to an individual certificate program for those who are not currently enrolled in an advanced degree program at Ohio University:

  • Submit an application to the Graduate College. Admission requirements include the following:  
    • 4-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. university/college or equivalent from a non-U.S. institution 
    • Ability to manage graduate studies as evidenced by undergraduate performance, current professional responsibilities, and/or similar criteria. 

The Fall 2024 application is now available.

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