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  • Five versatile jobs available now for allied health professionals

    The allied health profession is home to some of the fastest growing occupations in the nation. Not only do they represent nearly 60 percent of the overall workforce in healthcare – they are also some of the most in-demand medically trained professionals in today’s healthcare industry.


  • Continuing education for nurses provide better opportunities

    The healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving. And, although appropriate education and training remain vital to becoming a nurse, staying on top of the latest instruction and techniques through nursing professional development and continuing education has become increasingly paramount for nurses interested in increasing their skills, reliability, marketability and earning potential.

  • What it's like to be in an online BSN degree program

    As online education becomes more popular and more accessible, healthcare professionals, students and others are increasingly advancing their careers through an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

  • Going Beyond An Associate Healthcare Degree

    Explore more about the benefits and professional opportunities that exist by continuing your healthcare education past the associate degree level.

  • Career Advancement Through Online RN to BSN

    Learn more about how nurses are able to advance their careers and balance work, life, and academic responsibilities through an online RN to BSN degree.

  • Take your nursing career to the next level

    Ohio University's RN to BSN online program is ranked one of the best online nursing program in the United States. Find out how this program can help you achieve your career goals!

  • Burnout in the healthcare professions and how to cope

    Burnout is common among healthcare professionals. Learn how to cope with stress and fatigue.

  • What to look for in an online RN to BSN program

    Nurses with a bachelor’s degree earn a higher average yearly salary than those without a BSN and healthcare organizations and employers regularly seek out highly educated personnel to fill their staffing needs. With the decision made to continue professional development, an RN needs to know what to look for in an online RN to BSN program.