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Graduate Studies
Areas of Study

Thank you for your interest in our graduate program! We believe that you will find it to be an interesting and rewarding educational experience. In order to apply, please consider first the following pre-requisites:

If you satisfy these pre-requisites, please arrange to have the following documents sent directly to our graduate secretary via email as pdf files. Please do not send documents via regular mail.

The graduate secretary is Marlene Jenkins and her email is jenkinm1@ohio.edu

Students are usually admitted to begin their studies in the fall semester (in exceptional cases, admission may be granted in the spring semester). In order to guarantee full consideration, your application should be complete by March 1 for admission in the following fall semester. When you apply, we encourage you to contact faculty members working in your area of interest. The research interests and contact information of our faculty members can be found at http://www.ohio.edu/chemistry/facultystaff/area/index.cfm.

The graduate recruitment committee will start reviewing your application once all the documents listed above have been sent to our graduate secretary. If the graduate recruitment committee selects you, you will receive an email with instructions to formalize your application with the Graduate College at Ohio University in order to be admitted to our program. The fee for the formal application is $50 for domestic students and $55 for international students.

Notes about official/unofficial transcripts and documents

Official transcripts (or documents) are sent directly from your university to Ohio University, without transiting through you.

Unofficial transcripts (or documents) are copies of your transcripts that you may have received from your university for your record or convenience. The graduate recruitment committee accepts scanned pdf files of unofficial transcripts (or documents) for review. If you are selected, you will be asked to arrange for official transcripts to be sent to the Graduate College at Ohio University directly from your university. The content of both unofficial and official transcripts must match.