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Chemistry Placement Exam

The requisite for CHEM 1510 (Fundamentals of Chemistry I) can be met by either of the following ways:

  1. C- or better in CHEM 1500 (Concepts in Chemistry) AND (Math placement 2 or MATH 1200 or higher) CHEM 1500 (Concepts in Chemistry) is designed to prepare students for CHEM 1510. The requisite for CHEM 1500 is Math Placement 2. Students with Math Placement 1 are allowed to take CHEM 1500 concurrently with MATH 1200 (College Algebra).
  2. 55 percent or higher on the ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check AND (Math placement 2 or MATH 1200 or higher) ALEKS is an artificial intelligence based teaching tool and is available online. A score of 55 percent along with a Math Placement 2 or higher math level (or course equivalent) will allow students to register for CHEM 1510.

Students who do not meet the requisite via the ALEKS assessment must take CHEM 1500.

The topics for the questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Algebraic manipulation
  • Calculations using scientific notation and proper number of significant figures
  • Interpretation of graphs
  • Balancing chemical equations
  • States of matter
  • Periodic table interpretation and significance
  • Names and formulas for compounds
  • Stoichiometric calculations
  • Gas laws
  • Molecular geometry

Please note: Once you have registered, you have 120 days to access ALEKS and take the assessment. You will not be able to access the assessment beyond 120 days. If you do not take the assessment within the 120 day time period, you will be required to start in CHEM 1500. No exceptions.

You have ONE attempt at the ALEKS assessment. You must complete the assessment once you begin (do not log out during the assessment). There is no time limit, but expect the assessment to take one to two hours.

You must register AND complete the knowledge check in one sitting once you click the link to the placement exam. To begin the online chemistry placement exam:

After you complete the Initial Knowledge Check, you have completed the Chemistry Placement. The study modules that follow are not required, but can help you refresh or improve your knowledge.

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