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Chemistry—Molecular and Cellular Biology Ph.D.

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Ohio University offers graduate study through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology. This highly competitive program offers the Ph.D. degree in a broad range of interdisciplinary areas such as molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and plant biology.

Many faculty members in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department participate in the MCB program by contributing dynamic, well-funded research programs and access to world-class facilities that provide students with excellent scientific and educational opportunities. In addition, the MCB program allocates additional travel funds for students to present their research at scientific meetings worldwide. Many past MCB students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have been the recipients of competitive grants and have published their findings in high impact journals.

Students who participate in the MCB program through the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department must be admitted into both the MCB program and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.

Successful applicants typically possess a B.A., B.S. or an M.S. in a biological, chemical or physical science. Upon admission to the MCB program, the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department serves as the student's "home department." MCB admission and graduation requirements reflect both the requirements of the home department and the requirements of the MCB program.

Course requirements vary slightly between the Chemistry and Biochemistry program and the MCB program, and students are expected to fulfill all requirements across both programs in order to earn an MCB degree. Successful completion of the MCB program requires students to meet all the general requirements of the Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate program, including significant research and a research thesis.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry MCB graduate program at Ohio University offers world-class education in such fields as biochemistry, chemical biology, pharmacology, molecular biology, cellular biology, plant biology, genetics and microbiology. In addition to completing their coursework, MCB students are strongly encouraged to participate in laboratory rotations during their first year of graduate study. This process allows students to sample the diverse research programs available within the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Ohio University. In addition, it affords students an opportunity to broaden their research background while they work with faculty mentors who share their research and intellectual interests.

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For more information about the MCB program and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Ohio University please contact Dr. Michael Held, chair of the graduate recruitment committee in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.