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Double Master's with Leipzig University


The Marktplatz is at the heart of Leipzig, Germany.
The Marktplatz is at the heart of Leipzig, Germany.
  • Earn two graduate degrees simultaneously from Ohio University and Leipzig University in accelerated program (16-18 months)
    • M.S. in Chemistry from Ohio University
    • International M.Sc. in Chemistry & Biotechnology from Leipzig University
  • Gain international research experience in Germany.

Students begin in the summer/fall at Ohio University, then the cohort moves to Leipzig University in the spring. Students complete master's thesis work at OHIO or Leipzig.

About the Chemistry Double Master's Program

The intensive study program (30 OHIO credits; 120 Leipzig credits) is offered cooperatively by Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and Leipzig University in Leipzig, Germany. Founded in 1409, Leipzig is one of the oldest universities in Germany.

Taught in English, this research-oriented international study program is an accelerated program that can be accomplished in 16 to 18 months. See Sample Program of Study. The international character of the program gives graduates international research experience.

Specializations, focusing on modern research techniques and concepts, can be chosen from the following areas:

  • Analytics & Forensics
  • Inorganic Chemistry & Material Science
  • Biochemistry & Biotechnology
  • Organic/Medicinal Chemistry & Active Ingredients
  • Physical, Theoretical & Technical Chemistry

All students are required to attend both universities, beginning in Ohio. Successful graduates will receive a double degree from Ohio University and Leipzig University.


All chemistry courses and research are conducted in English; however, students are encouraged to gain a basic understanding of German prior to their time in Leipzig. This can be accomplished through German language courses at OHIO and/or through independent learning (e.g., Deutsche Welle has both formal and informal, multimedia, audio learning opportunities available without charge.). In addition, formal classes (fees vary) and informal learning opportunities are available in Leipzig.


Application Instructions: Application Instructions: Prospective students should apply by Feb. 15 to start the program in the summer. On the online application, indicate 1) Your OHIO research adviser preference and 2) that you are applying for the double master's program. In addition, please send an email to the graduate chair of OHIO's Chemistry & Biochemistry Department (Dr. Katherine Cimatu) stating that you have applied to the double master's program.

Senior for Graduate Credit Option for OHIO undergraduate students: OHIO undergraduate students may qualify for taking graduate course(s) while finishing their undergraduate degree. If you are interested, please consult with your research adviser as to which course(s) would be best and refer to the Graduate Catalog policies regarding undergraduates taking graduate coursework. Even if you do not exactly meet one of these policies, the department could possibly request an exception from the Graduate College. Before finalizing your course selection, verify with the department graduate chair that the course(s) you are planning on taking as an undergraduate are suitable for your master's program course requirements.

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For more information about the double master's program, contact Dr. Eric Masson or Dr. Jennifer Hines.