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For the Class of 2026

Do. Not. Miss. This.

Been there. Done that. So of course they have advice for the Class of 2026. Alumni and recent graduates share their stories, so you can plan your college bucket list.


Chris Albert Denhart
Chris Albert Denhart '14

It. Don't Miss It. College. Life. Experiences.

"This time is yours. You get to figure out who you are. You get to be cool. Not because you like sports or play in a rock band, but because you get to do exactly what makes you feel like you. You will find a group of people around you that celebrate who you are. So do something unexpected, you may surprise yourself!"

Chris's story.


Leah Allan
Leah Allan '21

The International Street Fair!

"It's an opportunity to connect with others and to absorb international culture in a massive community project. Everyone comes together regardless of nationality and is willing to share and to learn from one another. It's just a plus that the food is also delicious!"

Leah's story.

Korri Basinger
Korri Basinger '21

The Experiences—Even if You're Nervous

"I know when I was first coming in as a freshmen, I was so nervous and didn't want to go to events or activities or org meetings because of that. But and it took me some time to realize that everyone else was just as nervous as I was, and that it was okay to put myself out there and experience things I never had the chance to do before."

Korri's story.

David Giddens
David Giddens '21

Get Our of Your Comfort Zone and Make Connections

“One of the most important things I did as an undergraduate to prepare for law school is making connections with the faculty. Also do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when meeting new people. Making connections within the law field is an essential part of becoming a lawyer. You may never know who may help you on your journey to becoming a lawyer.”

David's story.

Eli Wanner
Eli Wanner '21

Try Outdoor Pursuits

"Definitely give Outdoor Pursuits (headquartered in Ping) a shot. You may find that outdoor hobbies aren't for you, but on the other hand you might find a new hobby that you love. I'm a huge supporter of OP's camping trips because they're what got me to take outdoor activities more seriously, and I would wholeheartedly recommend trying out a program."

Eli's story.

Michaela Trawick, in the mountains
Michaela Trawick '20

Experience the World

"If you have the opportunity to study abroad, DO IT. I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, for a semester—and it was life changing. I learned so much about myself and the world around me through that experience, and it helped shaped who I am today."

Michaela's story.

Katy Campbell, with her cat
Katy Campbell '21

Do All the Things Unique to Athens!

"I waited until my senior year to do a lot of things and then everything shut down, so I missed a lot. (Specifically thinking of '80s night at Casa). Take advantage of all the time you are here and go out of your comfort zone. Also, make sure to see all the nature in the area! We are so close to Hocking Hills so go on some hikes!"

Katy's story.

Abby Moore
Abby Moore '21

The DIY Music Scene

"Don’t miss out on some of the DIY music here. I really enjoyed going to watch local Athens bands. There are many talented people here!"

Abby's story.

Mashael Aldossary
Mashael Aldossary '21

Remember Your Are Not Alone

"Try to not miss any opportunities you have here because there will be a time when you wish you had been more involved. Participate in clubs, get as many certificates as you can, etc. And, most importantly, remember that we all have things going on in our personal life. You are not alone in this. Do not let the circumstances control you because you can control them!"

Mashael's story.

Suzy Aftabizadeh, portrait
Suzy Aftabizadeh '21

Meet New People and  Be Open to Different Ideas

"Be active! Join clubs, groups, teams, societies, etc. that have to do with your interests, and not just academic interests! Diversify your community by meeting new people and by being open to different ideas or customs!"

Suzy's story.


Allie Harris, portrait
Allie Harris '21

Make Some Best Friends Through Campus Orgs

"Don't miss getting involved on campus. I have met some of my closest friends through campus orgs and events. Putting yourself out there is one of the most important things."

Allie's story

Luke Phelps '21
Luke Phelps '21

Take Courses That Interest You

"Take Gen Ed courses that interest you. There are so many courses to choose from at OHIO, so why not take something you are interested in? I ended up taking so many Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies courses that I was able to get a Diversity Studies Certificate!"

Luke's story

Abigail Gentry, portrait
Abigail Gentry '21

Squeeze As Much Out of Your 4 Years as Possible

"Everyone says it, but it is truly crazy how fast the time flies. Take advantage of every opportunity within your reach and try to squeeze as much out of your four years here as possible. Never save things for later, all we have is the present."

Abigail's story

Noah Powell, portrait
Noah Powell '21

Don't Skip Anything

"Don't miss the little things. It is very common for new students to skip out on their freshman year convocation, involvement fair, class picture, homecoming football games, or even little events that their RAs put on. These opportunities are once in a lifetime. When you get to your last semester here, you are going to look back and wish you had participated in them."

Noah's story

Carter Fee, portrait
Carter Fee '21

Get Out of Your Room

"Don't stay in your room by yourself all day! Go out and eat on Court Street or hang out in hammocks in Emeriti Park. Just spend time enjoying college and all the great things around campus."

Carter's story