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A&S Petition for Reinstatement


Ordinarily, eligibility for reinstatement begins no sooner than one academic year after your suspension by the College of Arts & Sciences, or two full years, if you were dismissed a second time. You are encouraged to file your petition early so that if you are reinstated, you can register in a timely fashion.

Your petition MUST reach the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences by the following deadlines (or the next business day after, if the date falls on a weekend or University holiday):

  • Fall: Aug. 1
  • Spring: Dec. 1
  • Summer: April 1


Begin your typed petition by stating your name (include names used previously at Ohio University), your PID number, email address, telephone number, and the term you wish to return. Then, describe in detail the reasons for the non-productive behavior that resulted in your suspension. Be specific. Describe your study habits, the amount of time you dedicated to studying, your choice of major and the courses you took, the conditions under which you lived while attending school, your involvement in social, athletic, or other activities, such as employment, and any other information relevant to your poor academic performance.

Explain in detail what you have been doing since your suspension, including employment and/or classes you have attempted at another university. What were your responsibilities as an employee? How many hours did you work each week? Have you lived at home or have you been independent? How has this experience helped you prepare to come back to Ohio University?

Be clear about your strategy for a successful return to the university. Do not make vague statements, e.g., "I plan to study more." Explain your choice of major, note courses you plan to retake, and state the goals you have made for yourself academically. Be sure to include a list of courses you hope to take your first term and why. Indicate that you are aware you will reenter Ohio University on academic probation. Please limit your petition to two pages, double-spaced.

Additional Requirements

You must ask two people (no relatives, peers, partners, or spouses) who have known you during your absence, to write letters of reference about your readiness to return to Ohio University. The letters should include the person's name, title, if any, address, signature and telephone number, and must be emailed directly to this office by the person writing the letter.

If you have taken classes while away, contact the Registrar's Office of that institution to order an official transcript that includes all academic work you attempted there. The transcript must be sent directly from that office to the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences (see address above).

Finally, your petition and reference letters must reach the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences, by the deadlines stated above. Final transcripts must be sent as soon as grades are submitted. Your reinstatement petition and reference letters must be emailed to the addresses below by the stated deadline. It is your responsibility to call or email to verify your documents have been received

Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs