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  • Key Differences Between a CEO vs. Owner of a Business

    Understand the differences between being a CEO vs Owner of a business. Explore with us as we take a deep look at what the two job titles mean, what duties they perform, and which is a better option for a particular business. Expand your knowledge in the business world.

  • 100% Online MBA Vs. Professional MBA Which Values Benefit You?

    Ohio University's ASCSB-accredited College of Business (COB) offers a part-time, 100% online MBA and a part-time, Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA) degree that each provide an outstanding, nationally-ranked education.

  • Choosing an MBA Concentration: Project Management vs. Operations Management

    For those seeking a profession that can add value to almost any organization, project management and operations management offer great options. Some may think the roles of project manager and operations manager are interchangeable. While both are vital to almost every business and similar in many ways, their primary function and goals differ.