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Jobs with a Master's in Management (MSM) Degree

Lead Organizations and Employees to Success

Manage People and Processes | Customized Curriculum | AACSB-Accredited

When you combine the personal management style you'll develop in OHIO'S online Master's in Management program with the three career-focused graduate certificates you earn alongside the degree, you'll graduate with a competitive advantage in the job market for the leadership role you want. 

What Makes Us Unique?

A recent survey of graduates revealed:

  • 88% experienced career progression since entering the program
  • 93% saw an improvement in their promotability since joining the program
  • 96% of full-time students felt significantly more prepared to enter the workforce
  • 78% expressed satisfaction with the accessibility of professors to provide support

Step into these Careers with a Master's in Management

Your MSM degree prepares you for careers with fast-paced growth and top salaries such as:

  • Human Resources Manager


    per year1

  • Sales manager


    per year2

  • Public relations and fundraising manager


    per year3

  • Training and Development Manager


    per year4

Transition to Management Jobs in Your Field

In OHIO'S online MSM program, you'll customize your curriculum by selecting career-focused graduate certificates in areas such as business venturing and entrepreneurship, business analytics, and human resource management. This tailored approach ensures you can tap into a thriving job market for management professionals with expertise in your chosen field. You'll graduate knowing how to drive success in any organization as you position yourself for rapid job growth and increased employability.

Choose OHIO’s online Master's in Management degree and become a sought-after, transformational leader in the business world.

  • Employment opportunities for management jobs are projected to grow by 8% through 2031, resulting in approximately 1.1 million jobs each year.1
  • As a testament to the value of a management career, these jobs have the highest median annual salary among all major occupational groups, reaching $102,450 in May 2021.1
“For me, OHIO’s MSM program stands out because of its ability to get certificates in multiple disciplines. When I graduate, I will not only have the master’s degree, but I will also have certificates in Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management which will both be a huge advantage in my career.”—Robyn Bishop, Principal Engineering BPO Analyst at The Timken Company

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

What You'll Learn

Imagine becoming the kind of leader others naturally want to follow.

Throughout your program, you develop your management style and gain skills that empower you to motivate and inspire your teams. You'll learn the art of interpreting and leveraging data to inform strategic business decisions and how to build strong customer relationships to meet and beat their evolving needs. From mastering the art of decision-making to efficiently managing operations and projects, OHIO'S online Master's in Management gives you the tools needed to tackle complex challenges head-on.

You'll gain practical experience and industry-relevant skills by selecting two career-focused graduate certificates. They provide a series of courses that take a deep dive into learning the nuanced skills in your industry of choice. You'll complete experiential learning opportunities, collaborative projects, and a Capstone that all build industry-specific experience and expertise. With our focus on real-world applications, you'll graduate empowered to drive success and make a lasting impact within any organization you join.

You'll graduate from OHIO's online MSM as a transformative manager who's prepared to lead with confidence, inspire teams, and shape the future of organizations throughout their career.

Skills You'll Gain

  • Manage and motivate employees
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Lead operations and project management
  • Interpret and leverage data
  • Build customer relationships

Succeed With Our Management Careers Services

Maximize the potential of your Master's in Management degree with our comprehensive support services and our 24/7 online resources that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

With OHIO's Career Acceleration Team (GradCAT), you will also have access to four months of support from a dedicated team that includes a personal career coach, a branding expert and a career concierge. 

Learn about Career Support

Personalized Career Coaching

We prepare students for their careers in management by offering convenient, live coaching via video conference or phone to help you position your potential for the role you want. We'll assist you in defining your career goals, then ensure you have the resources needed to achieve them.

Job Search Resources

Put your best foot forward and stand out to employers when you use helpful tools such as personal assessments, professional templates, detailed best-practice guidelines and more. Access tools online — anywhere, anytime, — through our industry-leading technology platform. 

Professional Development Sessions

OHIO students can also participate in free professional development sessions led by industry experts. These live, virtual sessions cover topics like management career self-concept, basic job search skills, and how to qualify for promotions and prepare for leadership opportunities.

Exclusive Career Services for Online MSM Students

As an online Master of Science in Management student, you'll experience unparalleled support and mentorship with exclusive access to assessment and individual coaching, elite executive group coaching, and alumni mentorship.

Online Master's in Management Support Ecosystem

Executive Group Coaching.

Throughout our program, we'll connect you to two experienced executive coaches who provide personalized guidance, valuable insights, and practical advice. With regular virtual office hours, you'll have direct access to industry veterans who support your growth, help you navigate challenges, and further define your leadership style.

Professional Assessment.

Unlock your true potential with our comprehensive assessment tool. Designed to illuminate your personal and professional strengths and reveal untapped opportunities for growth, you'll complete an in-depth, high-level assessment online. This self-discovery tool gives you deep insights into your capabilities and helps you chart a clear path toward achieving your goals.

Alumni Mentorship.

Be personally matched with a seasoned industry professional who has successfully navigated the path you aspire to be on. Through this relationship, you'll receive one-on-one guidance tailored to your management career goals and invaluable insights while forging lasting connections with our accomplished alumni that can accelerate your professional growth.

Empower Your Career in Management

At OHIO, we understand the many touchpoints that can empower careers in management and the importance of providing industry opportunities and networking for your professional growth. 

As a Master's in Management student, you will benefit from a range of exclusive initiatives designed to enhance your connections, expand your network, and maximize your salary.

Leadership Development Conference

Join fellow Master of Management students at our Leadership Development Conference on our Athens campus for an immersive two-day experience. You will:

  • Connect with esteemed instructors
  • Engage with like-minded peers
  • Build lasting relationships with accomplished alumni
  • Join thought-provoking panel discussions
  • Gain insights from inspiring guest speakers
  • Participate in interactive workshops

This conference serves as a catalyst for forging meaningful connections that can equip you with the knowledge and network necessary to thrive in your chosen field.

Past Themes Include:

  • The Data-Driven Leader
  • The Humanistic Leader
  • The Empowered Leader
  • The Inclusive Leader

Fireside Chat with Industry Leaders

Join our Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders. During these captivating sessions, you gain unparalleled access to the wisdom and insights of industry trailblazers as they offer firsthand accounts of their journeys and provide valuable advice for success. Engage in thought-provoking conversations, learn about emerging trends, and expand your understanding of the business landscape.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to network, foster meaningful connections, and gain a competitive edge in your career. Let the wisdom of these leaders fuel your path to success as a Master's in Management student.

Past Speakers Include:

Group Consultancy

During your Capstone experience, you will work closely with a live client, offering consulting services that address real-world challenges. You gain hands-on experience, sharpen your problem-solving abilities, and deliver impactful solutions in a practical setting. Furthermore, the consultancy is an exceptional opportunity to network within the industry and collaborate with experts, fostering long-lasting relationships that can open doors to management career opportunities.

At OHIO, we believe industry opportunities and networking are key pillars for your success. Embrace these initiatives as a Master's of Management graduate student and unlock possibilities, connections, and insights that will elevate your career to new heights.

Join us today to embark on a journey of professional growth and industry excellence.

Graduate Testimonial

“LDC opened my eyes to so many key parts of the corporate world that I wasn’t understanding before. Embrace the opportunity for the LDC. The networking, the family-like atmosphere, the speakers…it was all amazing and so insightful.”  

– Kevin Romaine, 2023 MSM Graduate

Kevin Romaine
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