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Podcasts: Master's in Athletic Administration (MAA)

November 28, 2023

Listen in to hear faculty and former students of Ohio University's Online MAA talk about how they manage various challenges in interscholastic sports administration, details regarding the Master's in Athletic Administration program, and how the program allowed one student to change his career path. Podcasts were all recorded by “The Educational AD Podcast” show with host Jake von Scherrer, CMAA.

Coaching Your Coaches in Interscholastic Sports

3/2/23: All-Star AD #9 — Pam Cawley, CAA, MAA '15, Athletic Director

Tune in to get tips from Pam Cawley, a graduate of Ohio University's online Master’s in Athletic Administration, on how to build relationships as an athletic director. She talks about:

  • How to better approach your coaches
  • Supporting your coaches
  • Setting expectations for authority and discussing goals

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Changing My Career: Stepping Into Athletic Administration

7/8/22: Episode #308 — Matt Welsh, RAA, MAA '20, Athletic Director

Discover how Ohio University's online Master’s in Athletic Administration program prepared Matt Welsh to change his career path and launch a successful career as an athletic director in interscholastic sports. In this podcast, Matt talks about:

  • How he decided to change careers to work in athletic administration
  • How Ohio University's MAA faculty acted as powerful mentors throughout the program
  • His first year as an athletic director

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How to Educate the Future Leaders in Sports

12/6/2021: Volume 3, Episode #25 – Aaron Wright & Kelley Walton

Aaron Wright, the program director for OHIO's online Master’s in Athletic Administration program, explains the program's benefits, its role it plays in interscholastic sports, and the power it provides students who want to step into an athletic administration role. In this podcast, you'll hear discussion regarding:

  • How the MAA program is designed explicitly for interscholastic sports
  • How it prepares you to pursue NIAAA* certification
  • The capstone course and program outcomes

Co-panelist Kelley Walton, associate professor in the MAA program and the program director for OHIO's online Master of Sports Administration (MSA) program, will also speak about the MSA program.

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