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One-Year MBA

Build on your business or non-business undergraduate degree and grow your professional network to launch your career.

One-Year MBA

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To build a career in the business world, you need the right balance of critical thinking skills and practical business knowledge. The One-Year MBA is a full-time, accelerated program designed to help you enhance your core business competencies and develop confidence to thrive as a strategic and resourceful professional. 

The One-Year MBA is also an Early Assurance Program, which means you receive a guaranteed spot in a prominent graduate program early in an undergraduate career or as part of their admission from high school. Learn more about Early Assurance Programs

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Tuition and Fees 

  Ohio Resident* Non-Resident
Full Program Tuition & Fees $21,432 $33,420
University Fees $654 $654
Total $22,086 $34,074

*West Virginia residents are now assessed at in-state rates, as are all students who completed an undergraduate degree in the state of Ohio.

Tuition and fees are for estimating purposes and are subject to change.

Additional fees include health insurance and legal fees but may be waived if proof of coverage is shown; required of international students.

In-state tuition and fees compared to out-of-state tuition and fees for Ohio University, Cincinnati University, and Ohio State University. OHIO's in-state tuition/fees is $24,000 and out-of-state is $36,000. Cincinnati's in-state is $31,000 and out-of-state is $39,000. OSU's in-state tuition is $62,000 and out-of-state is $101,000.

Graduate Assistantships

The One-Year MBA program considers all admitted students for graduate assistantships that can provide a valuable learning experience and help to cover program costs.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate study (regardless of discipline) is available in the form of student loans. To begin the loan application process, you need to complete and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The school code for Ohio University is 003100.

To learn more about loans, scholarships and grants, visit Ohio University's Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships. Another good resource is The College Board.


One-Year MBA Curriculum

Our One-Year MBA The program consists of 36-credit hours and is designed to be completed in one year.

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Core Courses

  • MBA 6315 – Accounting for Executives 
  • MBA 6320 – Descriptive Analytics 
  • MBA 6325 – Prescriptive Analytics 
  • MBA 6335 – Managerial Finance 
  • MBA 6340 – Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • MBA 6350 – Strategic Marketing
  • MBA 6360 – Strategic Use of Information Systems  
  • MBA 6370 – Operations Management
  • MBA 6380 – Strategy
  • MBA 6525 – Ethics in Leadership
  • MBA 6921 – Consulting Capstone and International Immersion 
  • MBA 6922 – New Venture Planning

Culminating Experience: Students will synthesize what they have learned throughout the MBA program to create specific, actionable deliverables to a domestic client's business strategy in an intensive consulting capstone experience. Students will then complete the program by building on this consulting experience by traveling abroad to work with an international company on a consulting project. 

Apply with Confidence

Our One-Year MBA program is designed for the emerging leader with 0-3 years of experience. We help you develop your own leadership style with a focus on building strong business skills in a high performing team culture. Our program is designed for a diverse student body and is tailored to those without a business undergraduate degree.

We're Looking For: 

  • Regionally-accredited bachelor's degree
  • 0-3 years of work experience
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Diverse undergraduate degrees and backgrounds
  • The GMAT/GRE is not required 

Program Composition

  • 44% female / 56% male
  • Average age: 23 years old
  • 3.5 undergraduate GPA

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Business & Economics: 33%
  • Humanities & Arts: 31%
  • STEM: 8%
  • Sport Management or Administration: 16%
  • Other: 12%