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Human Resources Management Certificate

Human Resources Management Certificate

Impact Culture And Build Top Talent

The Human Resources Certificate program consists of 15 credit hours including four required courses and one elective course. The coursework incorporates practical, experiential learning. Students must attend one workshop and participate in one recruitment activity per semester. 


Certificate Coursework

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

  • MGT 3300 – Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • MGT 3400 – Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 4300 – Employee Relations
  • MGT 4370 – Strategic Talent Management

Elective Course (3 credit hours)

Complete one of the following courses:

  • ETM 3620 – Leadership and Supervision
  • COMS 2040 – Principles and Techniques of Interviewing
  • COMS 2050 – Techniques of Group Discussion
  • COMS 2500 – Organizational Communications for (Non-COMS majors)
  • COMS 3500 – Introduction to Organizational Communication (COMS Majors Only)
  • PSY 3610 – Survey of Organizational and Industrial Psychology

Experiential Learning in the Classroom 

In MGT 3300, students receive firsthand experiential learning by working with a live client.  Students recruit and onboard for open positions. Students attend orientation, led by executives, and participate in facility tours to understand the benefits, policies, and culture. Students present their outcomes and learnings to top executives at the end of the semester. They also advise them on strategies to focus on in the future. Learn More About the Experience

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Admission Requirements  

Admission to the HR Certificate Program is competitive. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher. Students from both within and outside the College of Business are welcome to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.

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Contact Us

The Human Resources Certificate program is administered by the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership. For questions about the certificate, please email