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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Lead your profession with ethics and integrity.

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Employers are looking for graduates with wide ethical knowledge who understand corporate social responsibility and stakeholder value maximization. The Business Ethics and Social Responsibility program will prepare you to lead your organization in meeting the heightened stakeholder expectations relating to social responsibility and transform business into the virtuous endeavor that it was intended to be.

Students who complete this certificate program will discover and be equipped to act in accordance with their ethical intentions; understand how those ethical intentions intersect with organizational ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability; and consider ethical issues in specific applied areas.

Courses in the Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Certificate

Core Courses

All students complete the following courses:

  • BA 1100 – Introduction to Business and Ethical Reasoning
  • MGT 3100 – Values, Business Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility

Business-Related Electives

Complete at least six credit hours from the following which are three credit hours each (except for BA 3900 which is one credit hour): 

  • BA 3900 - Topics in Business Ethics
  • COMS 4082 - Communication Ethics and Leadership
  • LPA 4710 - Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 3270 - Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • MGT 4420 - Gender Issues in Management
  • MKT 4100 - Sustainability Marketing
  • PHIL 2350 - Business Ethics
  • POLS 4840 - The Politics of Sustainability
  • SASM 3120 - Sports Governance and Ethics
  • TAS 4040 - Ethics and Organizational Social Responsibility

General Education Electives

Complete any three credit hours of Bridges: Ethnics & Reasoning coursework

Note: Business-related electives approved for Bridges: Ethnics & Reasoning courses will also count toward completing the General Education electives requirement.

Admissions Requirements

Admission into the Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Certificate Program is expected to be competitive, thus, admission cannot be guaranteed to all students meeting the criteria.

  • Submit materials to Travis Davidson in the COB's Department of Finance which includes (1) a copy of your most recent DARS to verify your 2.75 or higher GPA, and (2) information about your motivation for pursuing the certificate (approximately 100 words).
  • Complete an interview, if requested, with Finance Department faculty

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For more information about the Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Certificate, contact Professor Travis Davidson.