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You are here: Ohio University :: Technology :: News :: 2010 :: Third annual IT Security Seminar scheduled for Friday, October 22

Third annual IT Security Seminar scheduled for Friday, October 22
Seminar to focus on "How YOU can prevent security issues"

The Office of Information Technology will be sponsoring its third annual IT Security Seminar on Friday, October 22, 2010 in Baker Center's 2nd floor conference area.

The event will include two separate tracks, one geared towards IT professionals and one designed to provide practical advice for home and work:

  • Tools/Techniques (technical track) - Encryption, Social Engineering, Desktop Security, Passwords, 2FA, Backup
  • Safety on the Net (non-technical track) - Family Security, Backup, Dumpster Diving, Credit card fraud and red flags, Passwords, Social Engineering

According to OIT director of information security Matthew Dalton, this year's event is designed to help attendees learn how to prevent security issues before they arise.  "All too often, people end up forced into "reaction mode" when dealing with security issues," Dalton said.  "The best way to avoid that is to know how to prevent the issues in the first place."

The event is open to all faculty, staff and students.  For questions, please send e-mail to itss@ohio.edu

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