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This year students have 3 ways to participate:

  • Social Media - post text, picture, graphic, video etc. on social media (on April 8)
  • Video Judging - upload a video with registration (by March 15) for judging.
  • Social Media & Video Judging

*Registration is required for students participating in the (1) social media option and want a t-shirt and (2) everyone participating in the video judging option.

Social Media:

Students and postdocs are encouraged to register and must register if they want an Expo t-shirt.

On April 8, students and postdocs will post about their research & creative works to their Twitter and/or Instagram account.  They should tag @bobcatsdiscover & others and include the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag in the post.

We also encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well; just remember the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so we can find you!

  • Content: Tweets and short posts with an image or two, GIF, or short video. Make sure you use #OUVirtualExpo in the post and tag @bobcatsdiscover!
  • Tagging:  Click here for a list of university (department, college and other entity) Twitter and Instagram handles. Have additions/revisions for handles? Email male-bru@ohio.edu
  • When: Students and postdocs can post any time on April 8 at their convenience.
  • Sharing: Expo staff will then re-post to @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter and Instagram*).  *Instagram has re-posting limits so we might not be able to re-post all posts on Instagram
  • More Sharing: All students, faculty, staff, alums and friends are encouraged to join us @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter) and @bobcatsdiscover (Instagram) to view, re-post, like and comment on posts!  Remember to follow @bobcatsdiscover so you can see posts throughout the day and in the future!
  • T-shirts: Students and postdocs who post about their research/creative activity, register and use the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag will get a t-shirt mailed to them after the event (registration is required for a t-shirt). 

Video Judging:

Students (undergraduate, graduate and medical) need to register and must include a URL for access to their final video.

Participants must finalize and upload their video no later than 11:59:59 pm of the registration close date and include the video URL as part of registration. Judges will assess students' presentations and select awardees.

  • Videos must be 3.0 minutes or less and .mp4 or .mov format
  • Videos will be assigned to a judging session based on the applicant’s academic discipline.

Pairs of judges will review uploaded videos and select awards.

Awards will be announced @bobcatsdiscover no later than April 12.

Awards are $150 (1st) and $75 (2nd) or $112.50 (joint 1st place) for each judging session.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will videos be assigned to sessions?
Videos will be assigned to a session based on the applicant’s academic discipline. At this time, we do not know how many videos and from what disciplines we will receive. Typically, 5-10 entries are assigned by department to a session, e.g., Chemistry. If we have enough entries, we might have two sessions, e.g., Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2.  If we do not have sufficient entries, we might combine entries from multiple departments into a single session, e.g., Physical Sciences.


What are the criteria for judging?
Videos will be judged based on the presentation of the work. Presenters should clearly state:

  • What did you do/are you doing?
  • Why do it? What is the need/context to other work in the field?
  • How did you it?  What methods did you use?
  • How will your work further knowledge in the field/benefit or impact society?


What type of video can I upload?

  • Videos must be 3.0 minutes or less and .mp4 or .mov format
  • Videos must feature the presenter on camera or with a voiceover.
  • Presenters can also use props, including a poster, PowerPoint, video clip, or single image.


Can I upload more than one video?
Students are limited to one presentation as the main presenter but can be a co-presenter on other presentations.  The only exception is for students working on projects with different mentors.  In this case only, students can have two presentations.


Can I update my video after the close of registration?
No, URLs and/or downloaded videos will be immediately shared with judges. To avoid confusion, participants must not revise videos after 11:59:59 pm of the registration close date. If a participant revises their video, they must make sure they update the URL on the registration form (if needed) prior to the close of registration.


Who will have access to my video?

  • Videos will be shared with judges.
  • Videos will also be shared via an Ohio University webpage, listing entrants. Participants can control access to their videos by changing sharing options (e.g., YouTube allows different privacy settings) or removing their video after judging (April 9). 


How do I upload a video and get a URL?
There are multiple ways to do this. One option is to take a video with your phone and upload it using the YouTube app. This will require you to create an account, but it is fairly straightforward.  There are several videos online how to do this, including:




Will there be special sessions awards?
Spoiler alert…yes. Special session judges will be reviewing both videos and social media posts and making small awards.


What should I post to social media?
Be creative. Tell us about your research and creative work.  For example: What inspired you?  What did you do? What impact did it/will it have?
But also be brief.  Include an image or two, slide show, GIF or short video.  No posters or PowerPoints or long videos. If you post a video, please consider using a site, e.g., YouTube, that provides captions.

Slide Deck


Image plus external link



Can I participate in the social media option if i don't register?
Yes, but we encourage everyone to register, and you need to register if you want an Expo t-shirt.


Who should I tag?
Tag @bobcatsdiscover and include the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag in the post. Also, tag your mentor, colleagues, friends, family, departments and college. 
Click here for a list of university (department, college and other entity) Twitter and Instagram handles.


Can I participate if I don't have a Twitter or Instagram account?
Yes. You can see Twitter and Instagram posts by going via Google, but you will not be able to interact with the posts.
If you use another social media platform, e.g., Facebook, search for the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag to see Facebook posts.


Can people see my posts if my social media account is private?
Posts on a private account can only be seen by your followers. So, even if you use the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag, most people, including @bobcatsdiscover, will not be able to see your posts.  Therefore, we suggest making your account public during the Expo on April 8.