Ohio University

Presenters' Information

How can I have my poster printed?

Questions? Call 593-1930, Printing Services

Go to the  Printing Services Poster page.
Follow the directions.

Deadline: March 26 if you want to review a proof
                 April 2 if you do not to review a proof
Printing Services may be able to accommodate requests after the deadlines, but additional charges may apply.

REMEMBER: The boards are 40" x 60". Presenters with a larger format poster must request wall space.
If you did not state this on your registration form, email  male-bru@ohio.edu.

You can access the  templates previously provided by the Library's Media Production Services.

Also, here's a great video on a new, popular format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RwJbhkCA58&feature=youtu.be

From where can I borrow equipment?

Presenters can request the following from us: chairs, table (3' x 5'), foam core board (40" x60"), extension cords, poster adhesives, and easels. All other equipment must be provided by the presenter.

Check with your department or with the  Curriculum & Technology Center. CT&C charges students for equipment, but loans equipment to faculty free of charge. So we suggest you ask your faculty to book the equipment for you (see Equipment Request Form on their website). 593-4450.

What are allowable presentation formats?

Presenters are encouraged to select the best format to present their work. Possible formats include poster, video/film, live performance, oration, or exhibit.

What is the schedule of events?

Presentation Set-Up: 7:30 am - 9:00 am (Presenters only)
Note: those needing more time can request to set up the night before.
Note: all presentations must be up by 9:00 am or the space may be forfeited.

Judging: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Display: 11:30 am - 2:30 am

Award Announcements: 2:30 pm

How do I register?

Registration opens on January 15th and closes February 29th, 11:59:59 pm. Note, once we hit our limit of 850 attendees, we will wait list presentations.

How will I be assigned to a session?

Presenters are assigned to a session based on their area of study. Session assignments will be determined by end March.

How can I participate in the judging?

Students may elect to have their presentations displayed only or displayed and judged. Those electing to be judged will be notified of their session assignment and tentative presentation time. If necessary, presentation times may be changed to accommodate class schedules. Students must make a 10-minute presentation to the judges, plus 5 minutes for Q&A. Each session will be judged by the same team of judges. Cash prizes will be given in each session for 1st ($200) and 2nd ($100) place or two joint 1st place ($150).

What are the criteria for judging?

General criteria include:

Attractiveness of the presentation

Clarity of the verbal presentation including: explanation of the methodology, results and conclusions.

Students presenting a live performance, video/film or exhibition should be prepared to discuss their projects with the judges.

How presentations should be judged (PDF)

Will undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows be judged together?

If there is a sufficient number of presenters, separate sessions will be created for (1) undergraduate students and (2) post-degree students: graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows.

For sessions with undergraduate and post-degree students, judges may elect to give two 1st place prizes (one each for an undergraduate and a post-degree student). In this case a 2nd place prize will not be awarded.

When do I need to be at the event?

You must set up your presentation between 7:30 - 9:00 am. Please try to be present from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. However, we realize that you may have other obligations during the day, including classes. For those electing to be judged, you must be present for your scheduled 10-minute presentation.

Can I be excused from class to participate?

Yes. As an official university sponsored event, students should notify their instructors and make arrangements to makeup missed coursework. Please direct instructors to the list of expo participants on the main page, posted in end-March, to confirm participation.

What does exhibition space include?

Each space includes a chair. Presenters are expected to bring their own equipment, including a foam core board, unless they register for it. Access to an electrical outlet will be available if requested. For performances and larger exhibits, space will be assigned depending on requirements of performance/exhibit.

What is proper attire?

We encourage business casual attire. Presenters are also encouraged to wear their Expo t-shirts.

Will food be available?

YES! Free pizza and beverages will all be available.

Can I invite others to attend?

DEFINITELY! Parents, friends, co-workers, faculty mentors are encouraged to attend!


Students are responsible for requesting tables and access to electrical outlets, as well as obtaining their own AV equipment (computers, projectors, etc.)
We will provide foam core boards (40"x60") if requested.

Special Space Requirements:

Students are responsible for requesting and quantifying special space requirements, including extensive electrical needs, floor or wall space, light or dark, etc.

For special requirements or other questions: contact Roxanne Male-Brune at  male-bru@ohio.edu.