Science Cafés and Café Conversations are venues for students to informally share their interests during a conversational exchange with faculty, staff, and the community in a friendly setting.

We are working toward live captioning of the cafes for future events. Any individual who needs captioning in order to access a video should contact


Fall Semester 2021
Thurs. Oct. 14, Sarah Wyatt, "Professor, Environmental and Plant Biology, "Plants in Space: Athens, we have a problem," video

Spring Semester 2022
Tues. Feb. 15: Harvey Ballard, Professor, Environmental and Plant Biology, "Globetrotting for Violets," video .

Fall Semester 2020
Wed. Sept. 02: Athens City-County Health Department, "College with COVD:  One Community, One Mission," video
Wed. Sept. 16, Rob Brannan, Professor, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness, "The North American Pawpaw:  Superfruit or Southeastern Ohio Curiosity?", video
Mon. Oct. 5, Witmer Lab, (Larry Witmer, Professor, Biomedical Sciences and his lab), "Random Acts of Anatomy- A Live Tour of WitmerLab;" video
Wed. Oct. 21: Paul Benedict, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship, "Impact Research-Rallying People and Resources to Your Cause; video
Mon. Nov. 16, Geoff Dabelko, Professor, Environmental Studies, "Pursuing climate Change Resilience in Unexpected Places;" video
Wed. Nov. 18, Nathan Weyand, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, "Microbial Colonies and Protective Blood," video

Spring Semester 2021
Wed. Feb. 24: Karen Coschigano, Assoc. Professor, Biomedical Sciences and Guy Riefler, Professor, Civil Engineering, "Wastewater: A COVID-19 Early Warning System," video
Wed. Mar. 17: Dustin Grooms, Steven Pfeiffer, Janet Simon, Applied Health Sciences & Wellness, "The Brain, Body, and Biomechanics of Injury Recovery," video
Wed. Mar. 24: Pete Harrington, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Chemotyping Natural medicines Using Spectroscopy and Machine Learning," video.

Fall Semester 2019
Sept. 18: Guy Riefler, Professor, Civil Engineering, "Cleaning up Pollution by Turning It into Paint," video  
Sept. 25: Felipe Aros-Vera, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, "Interconnected Networked Societies:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly," video 
Oct. 2:   Rebekah Crawford, Visiting Professor, Social and Public Health, "The Prevalence and Pitfalls of Seeking Emotional Support through Religious Organizations," video
Oct. 16: Shiyong Wu Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Director, Edison Biotechnology Institute, "Solar Ultraviolet Light, Friend or Foe," video
Oct. 30:  Shannon Nicks, Assistant Professor, Social and Public Health, "Improving Rural Breast Cancer Inequities: Is Psychosocial Health the Key?," video
Nov. 13: Deb McAvoy, Professor, Civil Engineering, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Are We Headed for a Crash?, video
Dec. 4: Cory Cronin, Assistant Professor, Social and Public Health, What Does the "Community' in Community Hospital Really Mean?," video

Spring Semester 2020
Jan. 22: Daniel Karney, Assistant Professor, Economics, "The Future of US Climate Policy," video
Feb. 5: Don Miles, Professor, Biological Sciences, "Will Cool Lizards Succumb to a Hot Climate," video
Feb. 19:Rebecca Snell, Assistant Professor, Environmental and Plant Biology, "How Will Forests Respond to Climate Change?" video
Feb. 26: Luke Pittaway, Professor, Management, "Spaces for Entrepreneurship Education:  A New Arms Race?", video
NOTE: this cafe will be in the CoLab, 3rd floor Alden Library.
Mar. 4: Andrew Weems, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, "3D Printing a Better Future: Healthcare and Sustainability Considerations," video

Fall Semester 2018
Sept 19: Scott Moody, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, Athens, OH 240 Years Ago:  A Natural Historyvideo                 
Oct 3: Ronan Carroll, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Vaccine Denial: Facts and Fiction, video    
Oct 17: Natalie Daniels, Associate Professor, Voinovich School, The Long Road to Recovery from Coal Miningvideo    
Nov 14: Sarah Wyatt, Env. & Plant Biology, Plant Gravity Perception: from Earth to International Space Station, video 
Dec 5: Julie Suhr, Professor, Psychology, Detecting Deception, video

Spring Semester 2019
Jan 23:
 Doug Clowe, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, A Dark and Lonely Place: Dark Energy and the Future of the Universe, video
Feb. 6: Lawrence Witmer,  Professor, HCOM -BioMedical Sciences, Digital Dinosaurs-Fleshing Out the Past, video
Feb. 20:  The OHIO Museum Complex
March 6: Ryan Chornock, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Black Holes:  Fact and Fiction, video     
March 27: Jacqueline Wolf, Professor, HCOM Social Medicine, A High Cesarean and Low Breastfeeding Rate:  How did we get here?, video 
April 3: John Kopchick, Distinguished Professor & Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar Biomedical Sciences, HCOM Is Growth Hormone an Anti-Aging Drug. Yes! Too Much of It Will Kill You, video 

Fall Semester 2017 
Sept 20 :  Lisa Crockett, Professor, Biological Sciences, Secrets and Perils of the Southern Oceanvideo 
Oct. 11 :  Julie Suhr, Professor, Psychology, You Are Getting Sleeepy, video
Oct. 18 :  Paul Patton, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Food Studies, Harvest the Past, Feed the Future,  video 
Revised Nov. 1:   Zach Meisel, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Life after Death:  Element Creation in Stellar Explosions, video 
Revised Nov. 15 :  Srdjan Nesic, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Director, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, I s Corrosion like Corruption? What's the cost? Can it Be Stopped?video   
Dec. 6 :  Nancy Stevens, Professor, Biomedical Sciences, and Matthew Borths, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Before Lions Were King:  Discovering Africa's First Meat-eatersvideo

Spring Semester 2018 
Jan 24:   Viorel Popescu , Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Challenges for Conserving Biodiversity in a Changing Worldvideo 
Feb 7 :  Kimberly Rios, Associate Professor, Psychology, Perception of Science and Religion in the U.S. and Beyond, video     
Feb 21:   Jana Houser, Assistant Professor, Geography, Tornadoes:  Unraveling the msteries of One of Earth's most Powerful Stormsvideo 
March 7:   Hans Kruse, Professor and Director, School of Information and Telecommunication Systems, Can You Hear Me Now…Or Latervideo 
March 21:   Ken Walsh, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Preparing for the Big One: Protecting Critical Infrastructurevideo       
April 4:   Morgan Vis, Professor and Chair, Env. & Plant Biology, Algae: Friend or Foevideo

Fall Semester 2016 
Sept 7:   Daniel Phillips, Physics, "Symmetries in Nature:  A Key to the Subatomic World", video 
Sept 21:  Sarah Hormozi, Mechanical Engineering , "The Physics and Future of Cornstarch", video   
Oct 5:   Guy Riefler, Civil Engineering; John Sabraw, Art, "Acid Mine Drainage: From Environmental Disaster to Art",video 
Oct 19:   Claudia Gonzales-Vallejo, Psychology, "Why'd I Do That?  Exploring Decision-Making Processes", video 
Nov 2: Movie Night, "Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn" 
Nov. 9 :  Catherine Early, Biomedical Sciences, "Dinosaurs, dodos and ducks:  A bird's-eye view of brain evolution", video  
Nov 16:   Gurgen “Greg” Hayrapetyan, Mathematics, "Math, Zombie and the Language of the Universe," video 

Spring Semester 2017 
Jan 18:   Joseph Shields, Professor, Physics & Astronomy, "The Quest for Supermassive Black Holes," video 
Feb 1:  Brian Clark, Professor, Biomedical Science, Director OMNI, "Age of Champions: Healthy Aging in the 21st Century," video 
Feb 15:   John Bowditch, Director, The Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, Scripps College of Communication, "Disrupting Reality:  Immersive Media at Ohio University," video 
March 15:   Gerardine Botte, Distinguished Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, "Electrons for Sustainable Manufacturing," video 

Fall 2015 Discussions: 
Sept. 9: Todd Eisworth, Mathematics, "To Infinity... and Beyond!", video 
Sept. 23: TJ Cyders, Mechanical Engineering, "Rage Against the von Neumann Machine: 3D Printing, the Future, and You", video 
Oct. 7: Sarah Wyatt, Environmental & Plant Biology, "Anatomy of a Space Flight", video 
Oct. 21: Nancy Sandler, Physics and Astronomy, "Physics of New Materials: From Lasagna to Pancakes and Back",video 
Nov. 4: Anne Loucks, Biological Sciences, "Fitness, Fatness, Fractures, Fertility, and Food", video 
Nov. 18: Jennifer Hines, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Molecules...Museum...Action!", video 
Dec. 2: Alicia Stigall, Geological Sciences, "Turning into Stone: a tale from life to death to the ultimate fossil"

Spring 2016 Discussions: 
Jan. 20:  
Winfried Just, Mathematics, "Spread of Contagions:  Diseases, Rumors and Mathematical Models", video 
Feb. 3:   Natalie Kruse Daniels, "The Mining Legacy of SE Ohio:  Learning from Past," video Mistakes,"Environmental Studies/Voinovich School 
rescheduled Feb. 17 Mar. 16 :  Ronan Carroll, Biological Sciences, "The Rise of the Superbugs", video 
Mar. 23:   James Thomas, Physical Therapy, video

Fall 2014 Discussions 
Sept. 10: Monica Burdick, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, "Stem cells, research and hype. Oh My!", video 
Sept. 24:   Ryan Fogt, Geography, "All Coupled Climate Models are Wrong, Some are Useful" 
Oct. 8:  Brooke Hallowell, Communication Sciences & Disorders, "Harnessing the Power of the Eyes to Reveal Cognitive & Linguistic Abilities",  video 
Oct. 22:   Jason Trembly, Mechanical Engineering & Ohio Coal Research Center, “What the Frac?”, video 
Nov. 5:   Doug Clowe, Physics and Astronomy, “The Dark Side of the Universe”, video 
Nov. 19: Dina Lopez, Geological Sciences, “Reflections of use of Agrochemicals:  Illness versus Food Supply”, video 
Dec. 3: Justin Holub, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Biomimicry:  How Nature Inspires Mankind’s Innovation”, video

Spring 2015 Discussions 
Jan. 21: 
  Carl Brune, Physics and Astronomy, “Cosmic Cooking:  the Origin of the Elements”, video 
Feb. 4:   David Rosenthal, Environmental & Plant Biology, “Global Change and Agricultural Productivity”, video 
Mar. 18:   Christopher France, Psychology, “ I'd Like to Give Blood but.....”, video 
Apr. 1:  Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, Geological Sciences, “Reconstructing a Jurassic Landscape”, video

Fall 2013 Discussions 
Sept 11: 
  Janet Duerr, Biological Sciences, "Genes:  Are We Just Big, Smart Worms?",video 
Sept. 25 : Larry Witmer, Biomedical Sciences, "Fleshing out Dinosaurs... in 3D!", videoshort video. 
Oct. 9:   Savas Kaya, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, "Nanoscale & Engineering:  Hype or Opportunity?”, video 
Oct. 23:   David Tees, Physics and Astronomy, "Pulling, Pushing and Squeezing:  Physics and Adhesion Biology”,video 
Nov. 6:   Alycia Stigall, Geological Sciences, "Fossil Invasion! Studying Ancient Species to Help Predict Consequences of Modern Invasion", video 
Nov. 20:   Deb McAvoy, Civil Engineering, "Roadway Design for Dummies", video 
Dec. 4: John Kopchick, Biomedical Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute, "Growth Hormone:  Too Much or Not Enough?”, video

Spring 2014 Discussions 
Jan. 22 
: Sarah Wyatt, Environmental and Plant Biology, “Grounded by Gravity”, video
Feb. 05:   Saw Hla, Physics and Astronomy, Nanoscience:  Playing Soccer with Atoms and Molecules”, video 
Feb. 19: Scott Moody, Biological Sciences, Endangered Species of Amphibians:  Why Their Survival is Vital to our Health”, video 
Mar. 19:   Mark McMills, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Modern Drug Discovery”, video 
April 02:   Julie Suhr, Psychology, Detecting Deception”, video

Fall 2012 Discussions 
Sept 05:  Frank Schwartz, Specialty Medicine, "Socioeconomic Stress, Appalachia and Chronic Disease" 
Sept. 19:   Art Trese, Environmental & Plant Biology, "Sustainability:  Alternative Agriculture" 
Oct. 3: Christine Gidycz, Psychology, "Bystander Behavior and Violence on College Campuses" 
Oct. 31:   Natalie Kruse, Voinovich School, "Sustainability:  Mining and Mine Reclamation" 
Nov. 14:   Tad Malinski, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "The Science of Art Restoration & Identification" 
Nov. 28   Joe Shields, Physics and Astronomy, "Hunting Black Holes with the Hubble" 
Dec. 5: Martin Kordesch, Physics and Astronomy, "The Physics of Music"

Spring 2013 Discussions 
Jan. 23: 
Jared Deforest, Environmental and Plant Biology, "Chemical Climate Change and Sustainability" 
Feb. 6:   Bob Klein, Mathematics, “Mathematics:  What’s Rural Got to Do with It?” 
Feb. 20:   Mario Grijalva, Biomedical Sciences, “Combating Tropical Disease through Social Development” 
Apr. 3:  Geoff Buckley, Geography, “Urban Sustainability:  Challenges and Opportunities for the 21 st Century”

Fall 2011 Discussions 
Sept. 14:  
Brian McCarthy, Environmental & Plant Biology, "From the Brink of Extinction:  the American Chestnut" 
Sept. 28:  Erin Murphy, Biomedical Sciences, "Bacteria:  The Good, the Bad and the Resistant" 
Oct. 12 :  Dave Bayless, Mechanical Engineering, "Powering the World with Pond Scum" 
Oct. 26 :  James Lein, Geography, "The Geography of Tomorrow:  The Science of Futures Research"

Winter 2012 Discussions 
Jan. 11 
: Michael Braasch, Electrical Engineering and Avionics Engineering Center, "Iron Stomachs & White Knuckles - Navigation System Flight Testing" 
Jan. 12:  The PhD Movie, Free Admission 
Jan. 25:   Molly Morris, Biological Sciences, "Beyond  Alternative Mating Strategies" 
Feb. 08 : Greg Van Patten, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "The Big Deal about Small Stuff" 
Feb. 22 : Peggy Zoccola, Psychology, "Stress:  Bad Thoughts, Bad Health?" 
Mar. 07 : Madappa  Prakash, Physics & Astronomy, "Extreme States of Matter  from Explosive Events in the Universe"

  Spring 2012 Discussions 
April 04 
:  Willem Roosenburg,  Biological Sciences, "Turtles:  Why Girls are Hot and Boys are Cool" 
April 18:   Keith Milam, Geological Sciences, "Virtual Geology:  Unraveling Planetary Secrets from Afar" 
May 02:  Darlene Berryman, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness, "Big Fat Myths:  What You Didn't Know about Obesity"

Fall 2010 Discussions: 
Sept. 22: Gar Rothwell, Environmental & Plant Biology, "Paleobotany and Plant Evolution" 
Oct. 6: Shawn Ostermann (EECS), Hans Kruse (Information & Telecommunications Systems), Phil Campbell (Information & Telecommunications Systems), "Wireless Networking in Challenging Environments:  the Barbarism of Baker to the Perils of Pluto" 
Oct. 20: Julie Owens, Psychology, "Evaluating Treatments for ADHD:  A Multi-Dimensional Approach" 
Nov. 3: Eric Stinaff (Physics and Astronomy),"Where's my iQuanta:  Is quantum information processing the future of computers?"

Winter 2011 Discussions 
Jan. 12: 
Martin Mohlenkamp, Associate Professor, Mathematics, "Developing in silico Methods to do Virtual Science."   
Jan. 26: Stephen Bergmeier, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Chemistry, the class you love to hate, and Drug Discovery." 
Feb. 9: Dan Hembree, Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences, "The Secrets of Burrowing Biota: Understanding Ancient Traces of Life through Modern Organisms." 
Feb. 23: Kelly Johnson, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Voinovich School, "Mayflies, Minnows, and Acid Mine Drainage: The Science of Stream Restorations." 
March 9: Brook Marcks, Assistant Professor, Psychology, "From Thoughts to Obsessions: A Closer Look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorders." 

Spring 2011 Discussions 
March 30: Alycia Stigall, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences, OHIO Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies, "Overturn of the Biotics: Predicting Biodiversity Change with Fossils" 
April 13:  Harvey Ballard, Associate Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology, "How Violets will Change the World" 
April 27:  Jolie Cizewski, Professor of Physics, Rutgers University, "The Magic Numbers of Maria Goeppert Mayer:  From the Manhattan Project to the Future" 

Fall 2009 Discussions: 
Sept. 30: 
Gerri Botte, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, "Alternative Energy:  The Search for Fuel" 
Oct. 14: Larry Witmer, Biomedical Sciences, "Fleshing Out Dinosaur Evolution” 
Oct. 28: Justin Weeks, Psychology, "Social Anxiety:  The Fear of Positive Evaluation"

Winter 2010 Discussions: 
Jan. 13: Doug Clowe, Physics and Astronomy, "The Dark Side of the Universe"
Jan. 27: Julie Suhr, Psychology, "Measuring your Mind" 
Feb. 10: Morgan Vis, Environmental & Environmental Plant Biology, "Red Algae-Tree of life, huh?" 
Feb. 24: Damian Nance, Geological Sciences, "From Grains of Sand to Supercontinents:   Reconstructing Earth's Geographic Past" 
March 10: Jeff Rack, Chemistry & Biochemistry, "Chemical Chameleons"

Spring 2010 Discussions: 
April 7: 
Stephen Reilly, Biological Sciences,  "The Biology of Walking and Running" 
April 21: Ken Hicks, Physics & Astronomy,  "From Quarks to the Big Bang" 
May 5: Susan Williams, Biomedical Sciences,  "Food for thought: the Evolution and Ontogeny of Feeding Mammals" 
May 19: Ronaldo Vigo, Psychology,  "Molecules of the Mind" 
June 2: Maarten Uijit de Haag, Engineering/Avionics, "Navigation: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” 


Fall Semester 2018
Sept 26:
 Laeeq Khan, Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Studies, Competing with Data Analytics in a Social Worldvideo
Oct. 24: Julie Paxton, Professor, Economics, The Economics of Kindness, video

Spring Semester 2019
Feb. 13:
 Julie Owens, Psychology, Community-engaged Research: Why It Matters, video 

Fall Semester 2017 
Sept 27: Colin Gabler, Assistant Professor, Marketing, To Buy or Not to BuyThat is the Question, video

Spring Semester 2018 
Jan. 31:   Jeff Russell , Assistant Professor, Applied Sciences and Wellness; Director, SHAPE Clinic, Keeping Artists in SHAPe:  Why Performers Need Specialized Health Carevideo 
Cancelled Feb. 28 :  Laeeq Khan, Assistant Professor, Media Arts &Studies; Director, Social Media Analytics Lab, TBD, video
Mar. 28 :  Tania Basta, Professor, Social and Public Health, An Honest Discussion about HIV:  Combating Misconceptions, video

Fall 2016 Schedule: 
Sept. 28:   David Mould, Professor Emeritus, Media Arts and Studies, Publish (maybe) Perish:  The Dangers of Journalism in Shady Regimes,video 
Oct. 26:   Aimee Edmondson, Associate Professor, Journalism; John Grimwade, Assistant Professor, Visual Communication. Inside the 2016 Election:  Data Visualization, video

Spring 2017 Schedule 
Jan. 25:  Rajko Grlic, Distinguished Professor, "The Constitution and How I Wrote It," video 
Mar. 22:  Andy Alexander, Scripps Howard Visiting Professional, Journalism. "President Trump and the Battle for a Free Press," video

Fall 2015 Discussions: 
Sept. 30 : Richard Vedder, Economics, "America's Leaders: You're Harming Our Future", video 
Oct. 28 :  Stan Alost, Visual Communication, "Nobody Wants to See That- Images that Disturb and Our Freedom to Know", video 

Spring 2016 Discussions: 
Feb. 24:  
Brian Schoen , History, "The US civil War and Global Crisis: Then and Now," video 
Mar. 9:  Josh Sosin, Classical Studies, Duke University, "Ancient Texts in a Modern Age: The Promise and Perils of Digital Scholarship," video 
Mar. 30:   Loren Lybarger, Classics and World Religions, "Radical Islam:  What's Religion Got to Do with It?", video

Fall 2014 Discussions 
Sept. 17 
: Paschal Younge, Music, "African music, a big bowl of salad: the interdisciplinarity of the musical arts of Ghana",video 
Oct. 15:   Loreen Giese, English, “Courtship and Cruelty” 
Nov. 12:   Geoff Dabelko, Environmental Studies, “The Environment, What’s Security Got to Do with It?”, video

Spring 2015 Discussions 
Feb. 11 
:  Chester Pach, History, "1980s: the Age of Reagan and Madonna ", video 
Mar. 11 :  Katherine Jellison, History, "Unelected Leaders:  America's First Ladies",video 

Fall 2013 Discussions 
Sept. 18:  John Gilliom, Political Sciences "The Death of Big Brother and the Rise of the Surveillance Society", video 
Oct. 16:   Bill Condee, Interdisciplinary Arts, “Fracking the Opera House”, video

Spring 2014 Discussions 
Feb. 26: 
Haley Duschinski, Sociology and Anthropology, “Imagining International Justice”, video 
Mar. 26: Roger Cooper, Media Arts and Studies, "The Power of Humor in Organizations", video

Fall 2012 Discussions 
Sept. 26: Andre Gribou, Music, "The History of Rock and Roll" 
Oct. 24:   Tom Vander Ven, Sociology and Anthropology, "Why Students Drink Too Much and Party So Hard"

Spring 2013 Discussions 
Feb. 27:  
Michele Morrone, Social and Public Health, “The Science? of Fracking” 
Mar 20:   John Sabraw, Art, Fluid Potential:  Why Scientists and Artists Should Get Together”
Mar. 27:  Tom Hodson, Journalism, “The Future of Media”