Ohio University

Judges' Information

If you are interested in being a judge, please contact:

  • University Employees:  Roxanne Male'-Brune, male-bru@ohio.edu, 740-597-1227.
  • External People (including community members, alums, parents and corporate partners): Kevin King, kingk4@ohio.edu


What sessions will be judged?

We typically receive presentations from disciplines across every college and most departments.  When possible, we place presentations from the same department in their own session, e.g., economics.  If we do not have sufficient numbers of presentations from the same department, we place presentations from related fields together in a combined session, e.g., social sciences.

Last year we had the following sessions:

  • Applied Health Sciences; Biomedical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Environmental & Plant Biology; Environmental Studies; Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences; Social & Public Health; Translational Biomedical Sciences & Medicine
  • Art; Arts & Humanities; Media Arts; Theater; Visual and Fine Arts
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Chemistry; Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Engineering & Tech Management; Geological Sciences; Industrial Systems Engineering; Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering; Physics and Astronomy
  • Counseling & Higher Education; Economics; Educational Studies; Geography; International Studies; Journalism; Marketing; Psychology; Sociology & Anthropology; Teacher Education; Women's & Gender Studies

How can students participate in the judging?

Students may elect to have their presentations displayed only or displayed and judged.  Those electing to be judged will be notified of their session assignment and tentative presentation time.  Students must make a 10-minute presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A, to the judges.

What are the criteria for judging?

Judges will be provided with a form.  General criteria include:

Attractiveness of the presentation.

Clarity of the verbal presentation including: explanation of the methodology, results and conclusions.

Students presenting a live performance, video/film or exhibition should be prepared to discuss their projects with the judges.

How presentations should be judged (PPT)

Will undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows be judged together?

If there are a sufficient number of presenters, separate sessions will be created for (1) undergraduate students and (2) post-degree students: graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows.

For sessions with undergraduate and post-degree students, judges may elect to give two 1st place prizes (one each for an undergraduate and a post-degree student). In this case a 2nd place prize will not be awarded.

What is the schedule for judging?

Tentative schedule: 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Each student has 10 minutes for their presentation; a total of 15 minutes has been allotted for each presentation. Each session will be judged by the same team of judges.

When do I need to be at the event?

Judges must be at the event 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their session to meet with their partner judges and review judging criteria.

What prizes can be awarded in each session?

Each session will award one 1st place ($150) and one 2nd place ($75) prize.  For sessions with undergraduate and post-degree students, judges may elect to give two 1st place prizes (one each for an undergraduate and a post-degree student).  In this case a 2nd place prize will not be awarded.

With whom will I be judging?

Judging teams will be composed of two faculty/administrative staff with related expertise in the discipline of the session. External visitors will be paired with a university partner.

What if I have a conflict of interest regarding a presentation?

Judges will be provided with a list of all presenters prior to the event.  Please disclose any conflicts of interest immediately so a replacement judge may be selected.

Special requirements or questions: contact Roxanne Male'-Brune, male-bru@ohio.edu, 740-597-1227.