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Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone have to participate in judging?

No. Presenters can elect to participate (or not) in judging.

How are presentations assigned to a session?

Presentations will be assigned to a session based on the applicant’s academic discipline. Typically, 6-10 entries are assigned by department to a session, e.g., Chemistry. If we have enough entries, we might have two sessions, e.g., Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2.  If we do not have sufficient entries, we might combine entries from multiple departments into a single session, e.g., Physical Sciences.

What are the criteria for LIVE Student Expo judging?

Presentations (10 min) will be judged based on the presentation of the work. Presenters should clearly state:

  • What did they did/are they doing?
  • Why do it? What is the need/context to other work in the field?
  • How did/will they do it? What methods will/did they use?
  • How will their work further knowledge in the field/benefit or impact society?

Judges will award a 1st ($150) and 2nd ($75 prize) or two joint 1st place prizes ($112.50) if one UG and one G recipient for regular sessions.

In addition, students can compete for special sessions, as are described on the registration form.

Will there be special sessions awards?

Yes. Students are eligible to compete for judging in up to 2 special session awards in addition to their regular session.