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Student Conducting Field Research
Student Conducting Field Research

Science Cafe

Science Cafe and Cafe Conversation Series

Join us for a topical discussion hosted by guest faculty speaker. Science Cafés and Café Conversations are venues for students to informally share their interests with faculty presenters, staff, and the community in a friendly setting.

Fall Semester 2022 [Cafes are 5-6 pm, Baker Theater]

Wed, Sept. 7 Nate Szewczyk, Professor, Biomedical Sciences, "Worms in Space: Improving Astronaut Muscle Health," video


Wed., Oct. 5, Viorel Popescu, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, "The Secret Lives of the #RealBobcatsofOhio", video

The fall 2022 lineup for Ohio University’s Science Café continues with Viorel Popescu, Ph.D., discussing "The Secret Lives of the #RealBobcatsofOhio" at 5 p.m. on October 5, at the Baker Center Theater and via YouTube. To celebrate the second café of the season, audience members, online or in-person, who ask a question will receive a Science Café t-shirt! Free coffee coupons also will be provided for the first 50 people.

Bobcat trivia: there were no bobcats in Ohio in the 1920’s when the mighty feline was proposed as the OHIO Athletics mascot.”

Popescu will share the wildly successful story of bobcat population recovery and the challenges and opportunities for bobcat conservation in Ohio.

Popescu is an associate professor in Biological Sciences. He has been studying wildlife ecology and conservation and is especially interested in the management and conservation of terrestrial vertebrates in human-dominated environments.

Conservation biology is at a crossroads; after 40-plus years of sustained conservation efforts, biodiversity is still declining at an alarming rate, and threats such as deforestation, urbanization and climate change are more pervasive than ever,” says Popescu. But for bobcats, there is hope.


Wed. Nov. 2, Lynn Harter, Professor, Communication Studies, video

Wed. Dec. 7, Kim Thompson and David Rosenthal, Associate Professors, Environmental and Plant Biology, video


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Wednesday, October 5 Science Café | The Secret Lives of the #RealBobcatsOfOhio, Oct. 5 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM Baker University Center
Wednesday, November 2 Science Café | Communication Studies, Nov. 2 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM Baker University Center
Wednesday, December 7 Science Café | Environmental & Plant Biology, Dec. 7 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM Baker University Center