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Why Do Research?

"To get an early start on your career. Experience, networking, problem solving: four years in a classroom won’t give you this. The real world is very different from a textbook but undergraduate research can often give you an idea of what your future career may entail – and will put you a head above the rest upon graduation." - Kara Finley, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2015

“I think the fusion of research and creative activity as part of an undergraduate curriculum allows for a more meaningful engagement with the arts and the world at large. It is a groundbreaking academic endeavor. I am convinced that it will generate new creators & thinkers that will impact the development of our global culture in unpredictable but highly meaningful ways.”

- Astrid Kaemmerling, PhD Candidate, School of Interdisciplinary Arts


“Who would pass up the opportunity to travel the world while being able to get class credit in doing so. My research gave me the opportunity to live in central Africa, which is usually not the first place people would think of going to study.”

-Steven Richardson. International Development Studies and Geography Dual Master’s. 2015


“In a musical analogy: Classes teach technique while research teaches repertoire—neither functions elegantly without the other.”

- Natalie Klco, HTC Physics and Music, 2015